Pep Talk – Dan Mohler

Our brother Dan’s words here are RICH! I recommend that you make time to meditate on them now…

The Lord Is With Us

I’m really excited about the gospel. You can tell that, can’t you? One dear lady said, “I have to get used to you. I thought that nobody could smile like that and just keep it on there; I thought something’s up!” Something IS up: Jesus from the grave! And He’s at the right hand of the Father mediating for me, making me a son! It’s a pretty good day – the God of all creation calls me His own! My picture’s in His wallet. Come on, it’s a big deal!

“Do you understand I’m not trying to be pleasing to God? He’s pleased to love me,and when I receive that I’ll live pleasing to God. Did you get that? I’m not trying to be pleasing to God. Be honest, be real humble and honest: how many people live under the weight of trying to live the Christian life and try…

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