God is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Him – Dan Mohler

“I see God revolutionizing our understanding of Him, and why He even sent His Son…. Most Christians say the gospel is to forgive our sins so we can go to heaven…. No, God sent His Son… so our lives can be changed…. always overcoming evil with good.” – Dan Mohler

These words are part of Dan Mohler’s response to the question, Has God revealed anything to you about the near future? on a video posted on YouTube by that name. My partial transcript of his response follows below, slightly modified for ease of reading.


God is really teaching us who He is. When you travel like I do, you see that there are very deceptive thoughts out there about God and His nature. God is teaching us who He is through the cross and through the gospel, getting some straight thinking in us, setting straight paths before us.

God, I believe, is revolutionizing our understanding of Him. He is raising up an army of no-nonsense people of surrender who are saying, “I will not love my own life; I will lay down my life and follow Jesus. I’m not called just to worship Him by singing to Him, I’m called to follow Him.”  Jesus didn’t say, “Sing to me and attend church.” He said, “Follow me.” The reason we gather is to stir ourselves up in love and good works.

I see God revolutionizing our understanding of Him, and why He even sent His Son. I’ve learned in the last few years that the church at large hasn’t had a strong answer to why God sent His Son, and that’s the heart of the gospel!

34cf64cc2921990395a9ab38f2a2b156Most Christians say the gospel is to forgive our sins so we can go to heaven. That’s the only understanding out there, because that’s all we’ve taught.

No, God sent His Son to fulfill what man failed, to get us back on track; to restore destiny, so we can fulfill purpose; so we can let the old die and the new live, so our lives can be changed, not secure!

Are you guys following me? Come on! He said, “Unless you deny yourself…” He didn’t say, “Unless you pray a prayer and get your name in a book called Life.” He said, “Unless you deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me…” See, if you don’t deny yourself, you’ll never pick up your cross.

What is “Pick up my cross?” It means taxi through every unfairness, every circumstance of life without letting it change you, but instead, letting Him change you so  you face everything through who you have become in Him. It means never letting sin against you give the right for sin in you; it means always overcoming evil with good.

That’s carrying your cross: never becoming a product of life, but becoming a product of the Life that’s inside of you. That’s carrying your cross.

And if you’re carrying your cross, guess what you’re doing? You’re following Him!

So that’s what I see God doing – hugely. I do see this amazing grace that if people are sincere enough to believe that God loves them and forgives them, they’ll lay their hands on the sick, and God heals through people who never even knew it was possible.

People who’ve been in the church a long time who’ve gotten hurt and confused with chips on their shoulder, I see them struggling more than they need to. Then I see people who are just getting saved being excited to learn they can pray for the sick, and the sick are healed…

14 thoughts on “God is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Him – Dan Mohler

  1. Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Without that preface we become like every other self help clinic. Once we acknowledge we are powerless to save ourselves we are in a great position to experience God’s power in every part of our lives. Then we can receive the true meaning of Jesus’ Kingdom economy taught in His Sermon on the Mount.

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    1. Hi Jan! Thanks for commenting! I am grateful you did so that I may clear up any misconceptions other readers might have.

      That Jesus saved sinners is a given, posted in numerous articles herein. But now we must know and believe the good news: the law exposes our sin, and the gospel delivers us of the producer of sin, the sin nature. Indeed, the Romans chapter 7 humbling must precede the Romans chapter 8 life lived in accordance with the Spirit.

      The point is that most people in the church are missing the good news and are not yet living through their true identity in Christ as we see the first century church did (for example, Jesus promised that those who believe in Him will, in His name, lay hands on the sick, and they will get well (Mark 16:17, 18b)).

      As Jesus proclaimed, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” There is so much we have yet to apprehend of this glorious gospel!

      Perhaps this is the first excerpt you have read of Dan. He is addressing mature Christians, emphasizing that we must constantly deny our (already crucified!) selves in order to LIVE this divine Life we have in Christ. We must put OFF the old and PUT ON the new! This is done through an intimate relationship with God, not through “head knowledge”/doctrine or a multi-step process. We must live by FAITH in Christ Himself as our sufficiency, our very Life itself.

      Hope this helps! Please read other articles on this blog-site; just as no single Scripture tells the whole message, neither does any single post. 😊

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      1. Thank you Deanna for your further explanation and expression. 🙂
        Thank you especially (bold that word) for pulling together a site where we can be challenged to move beyond the basics of the faith, and be encouraged to press in to EVERYTHING Christ won and earned for us. Which is, most succinctly said, HimSelf. “Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory.”
        How I have hungered and searched and read and longed (and tasted) and much more, for these truths to be lived out as reality in clusters and groups of His people. (God ALWAYS loves to work through community. It’s not enough for individuals here or there to get it…)

        BIG THANKS, again 🙂
        Nom J in TO

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        1. I thank God for you, Naomi: you are on fire for Christ, and manifest Him in your beautiful articulate expressions. Thank YOU for your encouragement. God is doing quite a work in the members of His Body, isn’t He? Especially in our HEARTS!! We’re apprehending His glorious transformational word! Hallelujah!


    2. Hi Deanna
      Thank you for putting excerpts from Dan Mohlers teachings on line, I love them.
      His understanding of the word is revolutionary its making life make sense to me. I am so grateful for your awesome site the Lord led me to it without doubt,I’m loving it as it is helping me get a greater understanding of the true word of God.
      Love and many blessings Therese

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      1. Hi Therese! So wonderful to meet you, and so very blessed to know this! Thank you for taking the time to comment, and praise God for growing us individually and corporately in the faith and in the knowledge of His Son, causing us to attain to the WHOLE measure of this glorious inheritance He has for us in Christ!


  2. One of the “Laws of the Lighthouse” from Max Lucado says “Love God more than you fear hell.” That’s what people think of Jesus; He saves me from eternal punishment. Which was my initial view. But there’s so much more! Jesus came to reveal God to us! He is God! He is God’s Word in flesh. God loves us so much and wants to reveal and live His life in us that He came and dwelt amongst us. God desires us to be with Him forever; hence His redemptive work on the cross! But we know Him now because He revealed Himself through Christ; not so we can stay out of hell, but to love Him, know Him, and fellowship with Him forever! Amen! That’s the meaning of this season we are celebrating. “O come O come Emanuel” God with us! He has come and He remains with us through Holy Spirit inside us! Woo Hooo!

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    1. Amen and hallelujah! Thanks for sharing this, Greg! (For those unfamiliar with the expression, “woo-hoo” indicates great joy here in Texas; a very dear pastor of ours frequently exclaimed it.)


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