Excerpts from “Dan Mohler Normal Christianity Part 3 of 3” Video

The Lord brought me a great blessing through a saint named Dan Mohler, and now I must share the transformational blessing with you! The Holy Spirit led me to watch a series of three videos over the past two days; posted on YouTube, they are of Dan Mohler preaching on Normal Christianity. I was unfamiliar with this man of God until yesterday – obviously overflowing with the Holy Spirit, this brother preaches the gospel with a refreshing purity of heart and clear understanding. The following are my personal notes/excerpts from Part 3 of 3; they are partial transcripts, substantially modified for easy readability. I share them here for those of you who prefer to read such excerpts instead of spending an hour watching the video (see link above). Be blessed!

photo: Henrik Lundh III
photo: Henrik Lundh III

Dan Mohler – Normal Christianity Part 3 of 3

It’s not the reprimand of God that changes your life; it’s the goodness of God. I absolutely revere Him. He hasn’t enabled me to change, He has empowered me to change. I’m just in love with Jesus – the gospel is amazing. You ask, “How can God love me?” The reason you ask that question is because you place your value based on how you perform/live instead of your potential, what He created you for. Jesus shed His blood to redeem what was lost, not just because we are sinners. He had to die because we sinned in order to redeem our value. The cross doesn’t expose our sin, it removes our sin.

Colossians Chapter 1 tells you you have been delivered. I’m not gonna live from the place where I was, I’m gonna live from the place I’ve become. I’m not here to survive as a Christian, I’m being transformed! He didn’t promise me a smooth ride; He promised me He’d give me everything I need to get there. Let’s stop saying, “Yah, well that was Jesus.” Well, we’re the Body of Christ and Christ in me is the hope of glory! Imagine that!

One of the biggest mistakes we make in an attempt to be humble, which is a false humility, is that we think our ability to fail makes us failures; we think our ability to sin makes us sinners. And then the tree is never made good and the fruit remains the same. If you teach someone who they are in Christ their life will transform! The only reason people are stuck in sin is because they do not know who they are! He thinks His death is worth you living in Him. He had to be incarnated and crush the devil as a man, therefore He must think a lot of you to become a human in order to usher you back into what you were created for.

I used to incorporate Christ into my life, now I’m letting Him become my life. I used to pray to Him for what He could do for me, now I’m praying for Him to make me more like Him so I can preach and spread the gospel.

Scripture says He came to save “that” which was lost, not “who”; He’s talking about your destiny, your identity and your created value, what you were made to be before sin. He’s so intense about it that He put Himself in flesh in the world! He knows the potential of our lives! Let’s not make the gospel to be about a prayer to go to heaven, catching a break now and then and a blessing. Let’s make this be about His life in and through us so all men will know that God sent His Son.

I know who He is and I know who I am now; it doesn’t make me proud but it sure gives me great boldness and strength. Heaven came back into me. The kingdom of God IS at hand. Because He rose I’m justified. He doesn’t want me to look back – I’m not Lot’s wife, I’m His wife. I’m done living in yesterday, the Bible says it’s not mine, it’s paid for. You have the present and the things to come, not the past. Make it about His glory, not yourself.

[On others sinning and our unforgiveness about it]: You don’t understand that somebody is so lost and blind to do something harmful to another person. We’re just quick to say that they’re evil. Christ’s blood is crying out for them! Don’t you let what they did dictate your life and make your heart hard and cold. Be very careful you don’t get trapped in self-preservation. It’s about heaven on earth! We got born again! People don’t have to make up for what they failed. When I got free from me I got free from you. Now you don’t owe me anymore and I can love you. In all you’re getting, get understanding. He did not reprimand you, He ran to you with outstretched arms and said, “Welcome home, son!”

The whole point is LOVE. He died on the cross to make us what He created us to be, and that life is in Him. That’s why when He rose from the dead He breathed into His disciples – He was restoring what was lost from sin. Reckon yourself dead to sin so you might live in righteousness.

Why is there healing? For the forgiveness of sin. Not for the consciousness of sin, but for the forgiveness of sin. When Jesus healed, He said, “Son take heart, your sins are forgiven.”

He proved His love through the cross, not your circumstances. If your circumstances have the power to challenge His love you’ll never get rooted and grounded in His love and faith will never work through love because it’s always in question. And now your life is the barometer of His love instead of Christ crucified.

Through this preaching you have had open heart surgery and didn’t even feel it! You had full-blown circumcision of the heart.

As a Christian, know that your sphere of influence is amazing, free and filled with Jesus. Go forth throughout your day and have a “Holy Ghost drive-by”. Give them the Lord, as opposed to leading them to the Lord. Interrupt the every-man-for-himself thing. Our communion with the Holy Spirit is awesome: He gives us what to say to specific people.

Know that you’re fighting the good fight of faith, not the devil. There is a spirit of this age which is trying to subvert you from what you’ve become now that He came. It’s a good fight because you simply believe, and you win! Everything is vying for your identity and your future. Don’t sell out. Your self is the biggest problem on the planet – His word is My people perish for lack of knowledge, not because of the devil. He just finds vulnerability and he strikes. You’ve been trained not to get your hopes up, what you see is what you get, etc. We were home-schooled in the wrong home, taught that being nice and merciful is weakness. Our Savior is not weak, devils fall on the ground because He’s there before their time! They love when you’re angry or when you suppress it. They are afraid of Jesus, and they love when you’re afraid of them.

Don’t reduce Christianity to faith for you to be okay. Faith is for you to manifest everything He accomplished. Holding on to the identity of righteousness, sonship, holiness, and access to God. We’ve got our breakthrough: the resurrection! You don’t need a million dollars like you think you do, you need to know how to handle it. It’s about knowing how to steward your life and manifest His presence. making the most of every day. We’ve already won – we’re in! One day we’ll all rejoice together that we continued to believe.

You endure hardship as a good soldier. You don’t entangle yourself in the affairs of this life. You don’t ask God, “Why’d you send me all this bad stuff, I thought you loved me?” Why’d He send His Son when you didn’t deserve it? Maybe our questions are self-serving, coming from quandary. We don’t have children so God can protect them; we have children so we can manifest Christ to them, not draw from them and let them be our world. A lot of parents are trying to live their children’s lives for them, paint their dreams for them, and their children are then set up to fail them. And now they’re older and mad and hurt because you use them for identity and they’re failing you. I’ve seen too many crushed parents because of kids and vice versa.

No one has the ability to break my heart or crush me. Overcome evil with good. Psychology and many pastors will disagree with what I’m saying. Go forth and teach them that we don’t have to be broken-hearted! Teach them how not to be vulnerable. Tell them who they are, why they can win.

5 thoughts on “Excerpts from “Dan Mohler Normal Christianity Part 3 of 3” Video

  1. Thank you Deanna for sharing your notes! I, too, came across Dan M’s “Normal Christianity” talks in the last day, and am (very) eagerly starting to drink in, absorb, and be DEEPLY BLESSED by the Spirit of the Lord on this very precious brother. I honestly CAN”T WAIT to get to drink in MORE — MUCH MORE from this brother’s gifts.
    As I mentioned to you via email (and thank you for your response) this is the KIND and QUALITY and Fullness of Gospel message and Gospel truth that I have been hungering for, for years. God knows — how God knows.
    Anyways, delighted to find a sister in the Lord, also drinking deeply, and sharing “the food”.
    Praise God!
    I am fervently looking forward to receiving all God wants to impart or share, through these messages. I CAN’T WAIT to EAT!
    Blessings and Thanks – nj


    1. Praise God for you and for Dan! Such glorious riches our Father has for us through each other in Christ Jesus! The bride is resplendent as she looks to Him and her veil is removed (2Cor. 3:16,18)! Thank you so much for sharing all this with me! Have you seen any of the videos of Todd White preaching? He is another brother transformed by and overflowing with our Father’s extravagant LOVE for us through Christ Jesus.


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