Dan Mohler Ministering the Word – Excerpts

As I shared last time, I have just learned that Dan Mohler is one who preaches the gospel with great clarity of understanding and a refreshing purity of heart – he is so transparent! I like to transcribe key points of such messages so that I can meditate over them during my alone time with the Lord. For those of you who prefer to read excerpts instead of watching all the videos, I share my compilation of excerpts from four videos posted on YouTube of Dan Mohler ministering the word: Normal Christianity Parts 1, 2, and 3, and The Normal Christian Life. The excerpts are compiled into a semblance of order. Many are direct quotes, and some are slightly modified for easy readability. Be blessed!

Dan Mohler Ministering the Word – Excerpts From “Normal Christianity Parts 1, 2, and 3” and “The Normal Christian Life”
photo: Gregory Massal
photo: Gregory Massal
  • I don’t have a Savior to save me from you; I have a Savior to protect me from myself so I can finally see you clearly.
  • Jesus died to restore my destiny. He became what I was so that I could become what He is, what God created me to be, a son!
  • [Something the Father told Dan as he was praying to have Jesus’ heart]: “My Son laid down His heart for those who despised and rejected Him. Get your heart in that place.”
  • God doesn’t love you because of your performance, but because of who you are by what Jesus accomplished on your behalf.
  • In the store of humanity, every human being has the same price tag. There are no barcodes, no greater of lesser value; every person is worth the blood of Christ, no matter how they are living.
  • He didn’t buy out a bunch of sinners – He removed sin and bought out a bunch of sons and daughters. He’s the first-born among many brethren; we’re predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. How shall He not give us all things to be conformed to His image?
  • I’m a righteous tree and I’m destined to bear righteous fruit! An apple tree doesn’t have to think about producing apples! We bear righteous fruit because we’re a planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified. So I’m not trying to bear apples! I’ve been made righteous.
  • When you know who you are then you don’t sell out so cheap.
  • If any man come after me let him deny himself... Do you understand now? Because we were made in his image we can live in love!
  • What if I don’t have to live for myself anymore, and can love you because I came from Him? You can’t break my heart, because my world doesn’t revolve around what you say about me – I put my trust in Him, nothing else. Let the old die, let the new man live. Be forgiven and free and wiped clean, holy, blameless and above reproach in His sight.
  • Stop getting frustrated and losing your [true] identity; stop letting the state of another person decide who you are.
  • The mindset must be changed. How do you put off the works of the flesh without getting into works? You separate it from your identity. “Father I thank You I’m not created for anger but for love and my heart is in agreement with You and I no longer am an angry man but I am a child of God because You saved me through the Son of God and You fill me with Your Spirit. Father I thank You that You have set me free, that I have been made new. Never again will I be a carnal man driven by the flesh! I am a man of God!”
  • You cast down every vain imagination and thought, you beat it into obedience and hold it captive according to Christ. One of the biggest traps in the church is we think that we are everything we think and feel. Come on, it’s outside trying to get back in, trying to get you to sell out cheap when you’ve been bought at a such a high price. At that moment, praise God for having purified you, shout out your identity, and stand firm on that ground; do not let yourself be moved by deception.
  • It’s a powerful place when you’re selfless. If we can grow in this thing, deny yourself without getting rigid and legalistic, it’s what we were created for! “Picking up your cross” is walking through every injustice against you and not letting it decide who you are – it’s overcoming evil with good. Never let sin against you give a right to produce sin in you: deny self, pick up your cross, and follow Him. He came to change us, not to make everybody treat us right. So that when they don’t treat us right, we respond like Him; that’s Christianity!
  • It’s not about you changing your life; it’s about Him changing your heart, His love changing you and your motive changing, your reason for being changing.
  • When our motivation is love (not ministry or money etc.) we correct people not because they’re wrong, but because they are more than what they think they are.
  • Paul was beaten for preaching the gospel against legalism. Even today as you preach this you’ll hear, “Yah, but folks need to change.” We fail to start where Jesus finished – if we don’t start where He finished, we’ll try to accomplish something He already did.
  • [Most Christians] are thinking they’re only as good as they performed. Teach them who they are, impart those truths. If your tree is identified by your fruit, the tree is always in question. But if your tree is identified by what He accomplished, you see your value and your potential through Him. Jesus is talking about tree, not fruit. [Transcriptionist: see Matt. 12:33-35] A good tree can’t bear bad fruit. Whatever you see yourself to be is what you see on your tree. So make your tree good and it’s fruit will be good. If you teach [a Christian] who they are, their fruit will be good.

9 thoughts on “Dan Mohler Ministering the Word – Excerpts

    1. Oh, praise God for sending you to The Lord Is With Us, and thank you sooo much for the link, dear brother and sister!
      I encourage everyone reading this to click on the link in Will and Melissa’s comment above to (1) view an outline of the main points Dan ministers and (2) start exploring the videos according to those points. Oh, that the body of Christ may be built up… attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ (Eph. 4:12-13)!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Will and Melissa,

      I too discovered that site, the work of a quiet, unheralded servant (obviously doesn’t want any attention brought to him/herself) recently too; shortly after first being led here to Deanna’s site, after googling Dan’s name…wanted to find other believers who are drinking deeply of the amazingly rich and True Gospel messages that Dan gives. I LOVE His Identity (Best of Power & Love Session 6) message.

      Much more could be said. But as Dan himself would say, the thing for us to do is to spend much time in intimacy with our Lord, looking at Him, listening to Him, discovering Who He really is, and (thank you Dan!) what His finished work REALLY means for us, in us, and to us.

      THANK YOU GOD for servants like Dan, that have spent much alone time with You: loving You, worshipping You, and discovering You – for ALL You’re worth. And amazingly, all we’re meant and intended to be worth too, in and with Him.

      AMAZING. . .

      Blessings and Thank You Deanna for providing this place for some of us Dan-fans to connect. Bless you!



      1. Naomi is spot on here: “the thing for us to do is to spend much time in intimacy with our Lord, looking at Him, listening to Him, discovering Who He really is, and (thank you Dan!) what His finished work REALLY means for us, in us, and to us.”
        Praise God for this life of true love our Father has given us in Christ Jesus! The Spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon US, because in and through Christ the Lord has anointed us to preach good news to the poor, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners… (see Isaiah 61:1-7)!
        So let us press deeply into Christ, know who we are in Him, and SPEAK FORTH His will daily into circumstances as the Holy Spirit leads us! Go forth, mighty army of God! Boldly know and reclaim your territory for Christ! Trample the great lion and the serpent! (see Psalm 91:9-13)


    1. Thank you, Rick! As we are admonished by the apostles, we must continue rereading truth and admonishing each other repeatedly; a continual process, this blessed sanctification! The transcription was an act of love at the time; now it’s a simple press of the “reblog” button!


  1. Deanna, I am from Brazil and love Dan’s teachings. The Lord showed me his videos on YouTube three years ago and my husband and I’ve been tremendously helped on our lives because of them.I’d like to thank you for sharing these excerpts. I’ve tried to transcript some of his teachings and translate them into Portuguese. I wish all the body of Christ could understand what we really are.
    May the Lord continue inspiring you for this great service to the church.
    Yours in Christ!

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    1. Praise God, and thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this! I am encouraged by your testimony, and love hearing that you and your husband enjoy Dan’s teachings together 💕. In turn, I welcome and encourage you to translate these transcripts into Portuguese (at least that would save you the time and work of transcribing these video segments). May the Lord bless many through your work!


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