I’m Worth the Death of Jesus! God Loves Me! – Dan Mohler

“Now I realize the gospel reveals my value and shows me I’m worth the death of Jesus, and that my life means something to God! So the gospel doesn’t expose my sin, it removes my sin so I can get on with being a son!” – Dan Mohler

Those words are part of this brief message from a video entitled “The best description of the gospel – Dan Mohler” posted on YouTube (4:41 min.). Click on the link to watch it, or read my near literal transcript of it below, modified slightly for easy readability.


The Best Description of the Gospel – Dan Mohler

While you were yet a sinner, He gave His Son because He knows the truth about you! I grew up thinking the gospel exposed my sin and made me realize I am nothing but a sinner. That’s what I was taught my whole life, and maybe also you. Now I realize the gospel reveals my value and shows me I’m worth the death of Jesus and that my life means something to God! So the gospel doesn’t expose my sin, it removes my sin! It gets it off of me so I can get on with being a son!

So I’m not waking up trying to be a Christian; I’m a son! I’m in, I’m not out! I’m accepted, I’m not rejected! Come on, let’s get over all that and stop living condemned. I’m not on eggshells! Righteousness has come! Grace is empowering me! But I’m staying in tune with that truth so I’m not even judging myself in that way that we’ve done.

I LOVE God because He first loved me! Do you get it? So when I wake up in the morning I’m not trying to live the Christian life. What is that? It’s impersonal and away from grace and away from relationship! I’m in love, I have relationship: God’s my Father! I’m not trying to live the Christian life; I’m a son, I’m learning to be a son, and I accept Him as my Father, and He LOVES me. He cheers me on and pats me on the hiney and tells me, “Go ahead! You can DO IT! You can do it boy! I anointed you for this!” And you say, “Oh but Lord…” and He says “Yes you can! I’ve chosen you for this. I gave My Son so that YOU could be a son!”

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That’s the gospel! So does it expose my sin? It removes my sin! It takes the identity of sin OFF of me and it clothes me with sonship! That’s what we’re not seeing in the church. The Bible says reckon yourself DEAD to sin! We think it’s humble to just keep carrying our confession of our ability to fail. Come on! Your ability to fail doesn’t label you as a sinner – you’re a son! Grace abounds! Your heart gets so purified that the last thing you want to do is fail; that’s why you feel so bad when you do! So you run to Papa and jump on His lap; God forbid you run somewhere with fig leaves. Come on! Those days are over; naked and ashamed is OVER!

When we get established in the truth, we’ll walk in LOVE! If you’re unstable and unsure about your identity, how are you going to give anybody anything sure and stable? Next thing you know, you’re trying to minister so that you feel more spiritual. You’re trying to get a breakthrough so that you can affirm yourself. YOU’RE ALREADY ACCEPTED, RECEIVED, AND LOVED!

So it’s not about failing, it’s about being His! It’s about being loved and forgiven! I jump on His lap and say, “Father, that is so not who You are with me, that is so not me in You!” And if you just stumble along the way you see that that was of before. All of a sudden you see it because there’s LIGHT in your life now! You used to be critical and think it was normal; now when you’re critical you SEE it because God’s doing a work in our lives: there’s LIGHT! It exposes things that are dark so that we can break fellowship with it and not let it become our identity. You don’t call a friend and cry, “Oh, I’m doing such-and-such… and I don’t even know if I am saved.” Are you kidding me?

You fall in love with God more and more because He’s exposing things – He’s SANCTIFYING your life! He’s causing your heart to see what you did not see before, so you run to the place you want to be, you run to Daddy’s lap, and He’s faithful and just to forgive you. So what are you? You are FORGIVEN and CLEANSED of all unrighteousness! Nothing dirty about me! I look good to Him! He loves me! It’s His good pleasure to give me the Kingdom! It doesn’t make me a perfect man in every way but He’s growing me to that place: He’s perfected me in Christ!


The law exposes our sin; the gospel removes it (see Romans 5 – 8). I recommend you now reread First John in this light. If this presentation of the gospel by Dan Mohler is apprehended, First John flows without the condemnation previously encountered. Know the truth and be set free to release the Son and be the light!

Love in Christ, your sister deanna

6 thoughts on “I’m Worth the Death of Jesus! God Loves Me! – Dan Mohler

    1. Thank you so much and praise God for you spreading the gospel in this manner! Thank you for introducing this blog that I get to steward for Him to so many, Danny! I am humbled, and that is always GREAT! I love how our Father blesses us so much through each other! 😊❤️

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  1. I came for a quick visit here – making one more response to your “Repentance, It’s Easy” post – and couldn’t resist reading this on my way out.
    Wow – it’s an excerpt from the full talk I’m listening to RIGHT NOW.

    How cool is that!
    Thank you, dear sister.
    I REALLY appreciate our fellowship together 🙂
    May GOD be blessed in all things, and together, may we “grow up into the stature of the FULLNESS of Christ”. Which is our rightful inheritance, in Him and His finished work. And which is what Father longs for us, more than anything else: His Son stamped all over and breathing all through us.
    Love you!


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