On Meeting with God – Dan Mohler

It’s a relationship. I don’t meet with God; He’s in me. So when am I ever apart from Him? I talk to Him all the time. I commune with Him. When I read the word, I don’t read it for information; I read it to know Him. So I honor the word of God.

I have never read my Bible in order to preach a sermon for you. I read my Bible to know Him, and from out of knowing Him I have something to say to you. Got it?

So take His love personally, receive His forgiveness and mercy, wake up knowing you’re a son or a daughter. Say “yes” to every “yes” that shouts from Jesus Christ, and just be His kid. Do you get it?

When you open your Bible, just welcome Holy Spirit, thank Him that He’s in your life to reveal Christ to you. I so appreciate Holy Spirit! I’ll say, “I so appreciate you! You’re amazing in my life! You reveal Christ to me! You show me things to come. You’re amazing! You’re transforming my life into the image of God! Thank You that as I read this word You’ll open it up and illuminate it in me so that I can see what I’ve become.”

So I do everything from relationship. When I’m driving in my car, I’ll just commune and talk with Him. When you and I drive together in a car for a few hours, we would talk, right? Why do we forget that He’s there, never allowing Him to become our reality? Instead, He becomes our belief system, and doctrine takes the place of our relationship with Him. My belief system should never take the place of relationship. My belief system just thrusts me into relationship!

So I just commune with Him. I let myself be available so He can make Himself be as real as He desires to be.  I make myself available to Him. It’s real simple. I have no plan, no steps, no system! Amen?

…As a pastor for years, I’ve realized that a lot of what [the people of the Church experience] comes from a lack of God-reality…. It proves to me that we know a lot ABOUT God – we’ve sat under every sermon – but we haven’t come to the place of KNOWING HIM.

Knowing God keeps my life so clean! There are many things that just aren’t even a possibility for me! [He becomes emotional; smiling, he says] Like see how weird I get right now? I don’t get pulled and tugged in all these directions. I LOVE Him; I KNOW Him! God-reality actually keeps me in a very holy and beautiful place. There are things that aren’t even a possibility for me in my life because of God-reality.

It’s called the fear of the Lord; it’s knowing Him.

A lot of us know so much ABOUT Him, but knowledge can puff you up. [Head] knowledge can even take the place of KNOWING Him, but LOVE edifies. This is eternal life, Church: that we might KNOW  Him.

I can’t express enough to you the importance of getting alone with Him when no one in the world is looking, and just saying, “Hey, Father, thanks for loving me! Thanks for revealing Yourself to me! Holy Spirit, thanks for touching my heart with revelation!” All of a sudden you find yourself in this communion with God.

When I first got saved, the “funnest” part was opening the door [transcriptionist: literally opening the door to the secret place where Dan met with Him – see Matt. 6:6], sneaking in, and saying, “Here I am!” Then I’d close the door! OH! [Huge smile] So cool!

HL beach lava cave
photo: Henrik Lundh III

Now that grew me into a place of intimacy with Him. I don’t do that any more – now I just walk with Him. But in that season He became very, very real to me, like to the point where I would just open the bedroom door and say, “Hey, Father!” and His presence would just come over me. I’d just shut the door, and sometimes I didn’t know what to do. Sometimes I’d kneel or jump on the bed and cry, I’d just [looks upward in joy] Ohhh! But I went there by faith, believing He’d meet me there intimately.

That turned into an everyday 24/7 KNOWING Him.

That God-reality, Church, will protect your life from some of the psycho things, and some of the silly things that stumble us. It’s a good day when those things aren’t even an option, because He’s so amazing! Amen?


This is my partial transcript of a 7:05 minute-long video posted on YouTube entitled “Meeting God – Dan Mohler” (modified somewhat for readability).

This also describes my experience in coming to know the Lord by meeting with Him for long periods of time in the “secret place” in the beginning of my relationship with Him as well. I was sooo excited to go into a room and shut the door behind me, knowing our special time alone was upon us! It was truly heaven on earth!

A few years into this, the Holy Spirit then began giving me prophetic “downloads” so long that I had to write them down as He relayed them to my spirit. I kept pen and paper by my bed at night, and carried my notebook and pen everywhere I went (along with my Bible!) so I’d never miss a glorious “rhema” word, and so that I could meditate on them. He soon told me I was the woman with the alabaster jar, spent on Christ, “wasted” on Him (according to virtually everyone else’s viewpoint), loving Him with my very life as the woman with the alabaster jar of perfume did in Bethany (see Mark 14:3-9; Matt. 26:6-13; John 12:3-8).

It is my heartfelt prayer that you seek and receive such intimacy with Him yourself if you don’t have it already!

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. – Matt. 6:33 NKJV

The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. – Daniel 11:32 NKJV

So very much love in Christ, your sister deanna

9 thoughts on “On Meeting with God – Dan Mohler

  1. When you liked my current post (thank you-just about how our Lord moves us around!) , a link to this post was included! Wow, loved it! Ah a Pastor who doesn’t read the Bible to find a sermon! Novel idea-read it to know HIM!!! My kind if pastor. Such a challenging and inspirational post! Thanks for transcribing it!

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    1. How funny the Lord linked this (now old) post to my liking your post today! Dan gives a wonderful message herein. Thank You, Lord, for blessing us via each other today – You are so relational! Love you, sister! See you very soon when our Bridegroom seizes us up to His Father’s house at the last trump on the Feast of Trumpets (John 14:2-3; 1 Thess 4:16-17; 1 Cor 15:51-52; Lev 23:23-25; Rev 3:10 & 12:5) 💕

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  2. Hi Deanna, I chanced upon your post while googling for Dan Mohler. I was brought up with notions like “do your quiet time, pray and read bible daily”. I know it’s basically coming alone with Him, but how does it actually look like practically for you? What would you do? Was there like a fixed routine?

    Benjamin from Singapore

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    1. Hello Benjamin! It’s spending as much quality time with the Lord as possible throughout every day (just as newlyweds do because they love each other’s company). As to the specifics, they vary. It’s important not to be legalistic about it, but to BE with the Lover of your soul, not try to DO things. Of course studying His Word (learning who God has made you in Christ!) and interceding for the other member of the Body of Christ will be very large parts of this. I encourage you to peruse writings under the heading “The Latest Word of Encouragement” to learn more of what He’s taught me firsthand, and also this series https://thelordiswithus.com/the-joint-enterprise-of-grace-and-faith-making-the-word-become-manifest/ .
      God bless you, brother, and please remember to let me know a while down the road if these readings helped you in this matter. 💕


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