On Becoming Love, Part I – Dan Mohler

Here’s the mandate that’s been in my heart for years: the transformation of our LIVES, so that we make Jesus Christ known through our LIVES.

First Corinthians 13 tells us you can fathom ALL mysteries and have ALL knowledge, and you can have a faith that can move mountains, but if you have not love, you have nothing [v. 2]. Why? Because the expression of love to people matters so much – they must really see Jesus.

Jesus did so much, He did countless miracles, and they hung Him on a cross. Now you ask, “Well didn’t He love?” Yes, but man was blind. It wasn’t until He was lifted up that the veil could be removed and the Holy Ghost came that things were changed. So here’s Jesus, Father, forgive them, they know not what they are doing, walking in love, the expression of grace, and yet they’re so bound by self-centeredness, riddled by law and works, they can’t see.

But if I be lifted up… The temple veil is torn, humanity was changed, man now had the ability to see what he couldn’t see before Christ was crucified and raised from the dead.

He wants us to see! He wants us to become love.

He is raised from the dead and says, As the Father has sent me, I am sending you. [John 20:21] He sends us not just in power, but from His heart! How did God send Him? In love: For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten Son…


First Corinthians 13 tells us the most excellent way: love. Love has to do with where God flows from instead of what God does. His will flows from a pure heart: love.

First Timothy 1:5 tells us the goal of all His instruction is love through a pure heart, clear conscience, and a sincere faith. Love is the goal of our instruction. In First John He is saying, “I write a new commandment to you, yet it’s not a new one, you’ve had it from the beginning” [see 2:7-8] What’s He talking about, “from the beginning?” In the beginning… [Gen. 1:1]! It’s the way you were created: Let us make man in our image. [Gen. 1:26]

God doesn’t DO love. He IS love! GOD IS LOVE! You get it?  [huge grin]


This is the first part of my excerpts/ partial transcripts from a two hour-long video of Dan Mohler posted on YouTube entitled Being Transformed into the Image of Jesus Christ, Part 1 of 4 – (segment 0:00 – 13:39) slightly modified for readability.

Praise God for raising up such pure-hearted potent ministers of His word today! Praise Him for bringing this message to us now!

I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. – 2 Cor. 6:2b

So very much love in Christ, your sister deanna 

8 thoughts on “On Becoming Love, Part I – Dan Mohler

  1. Hi there Deanna!

    My husband & I have been so encouraged by Dan’s Becoming Love Series. Was excited to see you had a portion transcribed, as I had been wondering about doing this. Any chance you have the entire message & parts 2, 3 & 4?

    Kendra 😇

    Liked by 1 person

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