Looking Into God’s Word on the Cause and Eradication of Disease

by Deanna. J. Reynolds M.D. (ret.) ~ Corpus Christi, Texas ~ Written Passion Week to Pentecost, 2014

This Bible study was the first (and longest!) writing the Lord has given for me to write and share. It was typed with a thumb and a finger on the yellow notepad of a little iPod without ability to cut and paste, and was sent out via four successive emails to many pastors and intercessors predominantly in the Corpus Christi region. The Lord provided everything necessary to write it, including the patience! Photos were added and the writing was edited a bit once the Lord led me start TheLordIsWithUs.com.

As with all Bible studies, it requires an investiture of time and a willingness to relinquish worldly mindsets so that the mind can be renewed by washing with the water of the word. May God grant you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation as you delve in!

Links to Contents:

Introduction and Blessing

Part 1 – Jesus’ Words About the Cause of Disease and How to Reconcile them with Modern Medicine

Part 2 – Three Key Words on the Cause of Disease from the Pentateuch

Part 3 – Key Psalms Addressing Health, the Spiritual Roots of Disease, and Healing

Part 4 – Key Passages in the Book of Job Addressing the Cause and Alleviation of Affliction

Part 5 – Return to the New Testament’s Word on the Spiritual Roots of Disease and its Eradication

Part 6 – Complete Healing and Eradication of Disease by Faith in Jesus Christ: By His Wounds We are Healed

Part 7 – List of Pertinent Scriptures Addressing the Spiritual Roots of Disease [For the true Bereans]