On Becoming Love, Part VII – Dan Mohler

He is REAL and He’s IN me coz He WANTS to be! He made me to live inside me! He made me to flow through me!

That quote is from Dan Mohler, expressing the surpassing joy he has in the Lord – the same joy our Father wants so desperately for us ALL to have! This is why He has me transcribing excerpts from these videos and posting them here for you: this gospel is sooo much better than “being saved and going to heaven” – this gospel is that we manifest Christ here and now in this hurting world!

So set yourself alone from distractions and behold a brother transformed by grace through faith; know that God will do the same for you if you desire this, if you press into Him with everything that you have!

The quote is from my partial transcript/excerpts below, the seventh of a series from videos of Dan posted on YouTube entitled “Being Transformed into the Image of Jesus Christ.”  This segment is from “Part 2 of 4″ – modified somewhat for readability (11:40 – 17:00).  Enjoy!


When the rubber meets the road, do you really KNOW God? When you’re alone, do you know Him? Are you comfortable in His presence, do you love who you’ve become?

[smiling radiantly]: I get lit up; I’m actually way more excited inside than I convey! People don’t believe that. I can tell now that I’m trying to relate with people. Arghhh!

Listen: He’s real! He’s Lord of the universe, and HE LIVES IN ME! How do you even put that into words?! Good tidings, great joy! Joy unspeakable! We think that’s a hyped-up moment. No, it’s a state that you live in, and if you pop the cork off that bottle you go ahhhh! [waving his arms and bouncing excitedly]

Look: Jesus LOVES ME, this I KNOW, and it’s deeper than “for the Bible tells me so.” [exclaiming loudly]: He has made Himself known to me! I’ve been with Him! He has embraced me (I’m not talking “feely fuzzy”). He’s made my heart KNOW that He loves me! I’ve BEEN WITH HIM! Do you get it?! THAT’S what’s “wrong” with me!!

So I’m not good to debate people anymore who are just theological with no experience in God! I won’t debate with you! I’ll just smile and be polite and inside I’ll feel sad for you and hope that in some way I can inspire you into Him. Because I’m not here for a theological discourse.


He is REAL and He’s IN me coz He WANTS to be! He made me to live inside me! He made me to flow through me! He actually made me to think through me, speak through me, shine through me! He gave me a body to manifest what’s inside; that’s why I have flesh – not to live by it, but to house Him and manifest Him through it!

[slumping along, mimicking a typical Christian]: “Well, we’re all individuals.” Be careful pursuing your own “individuality”! You’re in Christ, and He’s one with you! You might be amazed what your life looks like IN Christ as you yield to Him!

[mimicking the typical Christian again]: “Well, I’m just a quiet person.”

You might be amazed – this is not some debate about whether you should be loud and not be quiet – I’m not doing that! What I’m saying is we define our lives based on the lives we’ve lived, and now that Christ comes in we just incorporate Him into what we’ve always been instead of [letting] Him become who we ARE.

When you weren’t looking, I cried a lot of tears; not bad tears, hungry tears. When I was on my bed and you were nowhere around, I said, “Lord, I don’t want one drop of grace to miss what You paid for my life. Grace is what changes me, God, grace is what transforms me! Grace doesn’t empower me to stay the same! Grace transforms me – it’s Your working power.”

And I would cry and say, “I don’t want one drop through rational thinking, human reasoning, just man’s experience, limited teaching! I don’t want one drop that You purchased to miss my life. You make me what it’s possible to become through Your finished work! You take me to that place You purchased! God, I HAVE TO KNOW YOU this way!” I’d just weep.

If I’m in my bedroom alone praying that, I must be serious. Now I’m either out of my mind and wasting my time in delusion, or I’m in the presence of God and things are happening! I’m either cuckoo and need to get a life, or I’m meeting with Him. Come on, it’s either one or the other!

You know what a lot of Christians do? They go in there and talk themselves out of it. They [rationalize], “Well, it doesn’t feel real, it feels like I’m going through the motions, it doesn’t feel…”

It has NOTHING to do with feelings! It has to do with FAITH and you giving your heart to Him in sincerity. It has to do with believing He’s in you and He’s with you. It has to do with being sincere from your heart. Then you’re saved by grace through faith.

5 thoughts on “On Becoming Love, Part VII – Dan Mohler

  1. Amen because I’m in Him and He’s in me!!!! This sounds like my fellowship. We can have life and have it to the full while we’re here…..we don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to experience the things of heaven! God’s been molding in my heart thus year He is greater than my feelings and realizing that truth has helped my soul and spirit align to be transformed into the likeness of Christ! I just love our Father. I love how this post spoke to my heart.

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    1. Praise God you KNOW Him this way, and that you know truth is greater than your feelings! Whoo-hoo! Go forth and preach the gospel, sister!
      Isn’t it awesome that we don’t “wait to get to heaven” because we now are of heaven? God came down from heaven to restore us back to what He made us: in His heavenly image. His kingdom comes and His will is done here on earth every blessed time that we speak forth His will throughout our daily circumstances. Hallelujah!

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