Resurrection, Rapture, Judgment, and Millennium

by deanna  reynolds, M.D. (ret.), Corpus Christi, Texas, Fall-Winter 2018

Just as the Scriptures teach that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not by works, and is eternal, they also teach that all believers will be held accountable for our deeds, and will be rewarded OR punished accordingly.

This series is the culmination of years of my education at the Lord’s feet. It studies how God reconciles these two seemingly (but not actually) conflicting truths for believers (the old “faith without works” vs. “faith with deeds” controversy) during the Tribulation and the Millennium, before the last day when the old order of things will pass away and the New Jerusalem appears, with every believer a mature part of it.

This accountability study is urgent, because Jesus is coming very soon, and as He prophesied, much of our end-times Church is not prepared for the coming judgment.

Overview and Scriptures for Self-Study

Part 1 – The Prize of the First Resurrection

Part 2 – Non-Overcoming Christians: Disciplined via The Tribulation or During the Millennium

Part 3 – Jesus’ Many Dire Warnings for Christians are Falsely Attributed To Unbelievers