The Millennial Kingdom Precedes Eternity (A Series)

by deanna reynolds M.D. (ret.) Corpus Christi, Texas, Fall 2019

The eternal state when all servants of the Lord Jesus Christ will live together in the new Jerusalem will be preceded by the Messianic kingdom which will last one thousand years; it is the gospel of that kingdom which Jesus and His apostles preached! Faith in Christ alone – no works, ensures a person will be resurrected on the last day of the Millennium before the heavens and earth pass away and are made new (John 11:24; 6:39-40; Rev. 20:11-21:2, etc.).

However, Jesus taught that only those believers who do the will of my Father (Matt. 7:21) will be considered worthy of taking part in that [Messianic] age (Luke 20:35), reigning with Him on His throne (Rev. 3:21) for 1,000 years before most believers enter into glory! Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection (Rev. 20:6), and receive the prize of the millennial kingdom that Paul sought so fervently (1 Cor. 9:12-27; Phil. 3:14) and which our Lord exhorts us to seek first (Matt. 6:33)!

Such vital NT teachings on the kingdom (also called the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God) are extensive, yet have been hidden by strongholds of deception… Praise God, He reveals what is concealed in His word when we search for it like hidden treasure (Prov. 2:1-5)! Please click on the links below and do so!

Overview of The Millennial Kingdom (The Sabbath-Rest of God)

Jesus Repeatedly Taught Not All Servants (Believers) Will Enter His Millennial Kingdom