Pep Talk – Dan Mohler

I’m really excited about the gospel. You can tell that, can’t you? One dear lady said, “I have to get used to you. I thought that nobody could smile like that and just keep it on there; I thought something’s up!” Something IS up: Jesus from the grave! And He’s at the right hand of the Father mediating for me, making me a son! It’s a pretty good day – the God of all creation calls me His own! My picture’s in His wallet. Come on, it’s a big deal!

“Do you understand I’m not trying to be pleasing to God? He’s pleased to love me, and when I receive that I’ll live pleasing to God. Did you get that? I’m not trying to be pleasing to God. Be honest, be real humble and honest: how many people live under the weight of trying to live the Christian life and try to be pleasing to God? Take a look around; you’re not alone.

HL lupine sunset
photo: Henrik Lundh III

“There’s a mentality that’s crept in in the way we’ve preached this gospel that puts pressure on us and removed grace when grace is what changes us. So we’re trying to live toward  God instead of from God. Did you follow me? We’re trying to live TOWARD God instead of FROM God. You’re saved by grace! The gospel changes my heart. The gospel purifies my heart! When I see a love as amazing as this and truly receive it, it changes everything from the inside out. I don’t live from the outside in – I live from the inside out!

“Days of guilt, condemnation, and shame are so over! You can think I’m in denial, and I’m not trying to pop off when I say this, but the revelation God’s given me fifteen years ago [makes it so that] I can’t even relate to condemnation. Unless I’m the most deceived man on the planet and need ministry, I don’t even understand it; I’ve never experienced a moment of it in fifteen years. That’s because I found in my Bible that He didn’t come to condemn me, so condemnation is never, ever, ever God, it’s looking through a wrong eye. If I’m condemned then I’m going to separate myself from grace and I’m never going to receive the answer. And now I’m going to try to work my way back to God when He never went anywhere. I’m going to find myself in the Garden with fig leaves hiding like Adam and Eve instead of being in His presence.”

(My transcription of a brief video of Dan Mohler posted on YouTube entitled “Pep Talk – Dan Mohler.”)

3 thoughts on “Pep Talk – Dan Mohler

  1. Thanks Deanna! I love to transcribe Dan Mohler too! His insights are powerful! And seeing them in writing is so helpful to meditation. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Hi Greg! That’s great! Thanks for taking the time to share that here with me! For a fuller appreciation of the Lord’s hand in this, I share the following.

    For many years I dictated highly detailed and often complex surgical pathology reports that seasoned medical transcriptionists had great fun (!) transcribing. I think it’s hilarious that the Lord now has this physician (who never learned how to type) transcribing audio files and videos pertaining to the ministry of the word! He has moved me from diagnosing and describing disease to writing about the One who eradicated disease 2,000 years ago by exchanging our sin nature for His resurrection Life!

    What a glorious gospel we get to transcribe, preach, and walk out! Thank You, Lord Jesus! ❤️


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