On the Importance of Seeing from God’s Viewpoint

Seal yourself off from distractions, get comfortable, and take today’s words in for a tremendous blessing. As with all study of Scripture, what you get out of them will be in proportion to what you put into them.

We start with a question: Do you realize the importance of seeing from God’s viewpoint? This is profound.

Seeing from God’s viewpoint is the only way, the only truth, the only life  – every other way is futile, a lie, and death. Jesus addressed this on the mount: The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! (Matt. 6:22-23).

We are full of light when we see as God does that we already partake of the divine nature – we are already here at His right hand in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus (see 2 Peter 1:3-4; Eph. 2:6).* God tells us this not only through Peter and Paul, but through Jesus as well. The particular word of His we will press into now was spoken to the truth-seeking Pharisee Nicodemus in emphasizing the necessity for rebirth via the Spirit of God: And no one hath ascended into heaven, but he that descended out of heaven, even the Son of man, who is in heaven (John 3:13 ASV). This requires both our meditation and God’s revelation. (You may benefit as I did from seeing all the English translations of it on one glorious page via this link to BibleGateway.com)

Do you see it? All who go into heaven do so because in Christ they already are in/of heaven. In Christ, both our origin and our true abode are here in the heavenly realms. Aliens truly have come to earth: we who have been born of the Spirit of God by faith in Jesus Christ are not of this world – we are aliens (John 8:23, 18:26; 1 Peter 2:11; see also Romans 12:2).

Children of God, do we apprehend who we are?! May God cause us to relinquish self-efforts and BE what He has already made us: the holy Body of Christ! I pray that the Lord grant us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation as we read and meditate upon this glorious TRUTH. (And please do rebog this or email it to other believers!)

To shed more light on this essential matter for the Church, I include and will end with these words spoken by Watchman Nee sometime between 1938 and 1942 (as published in What Shall This Man Do? Christian Literature Crusade, 1973, pp.161, 166):

“You advance spiritually by finding out what you really are, not by trying to become what you hope to be. That goal you will never reach, however earnestly you strive. It is when you see you are dead that you die; it is when you see you are risen that you arise; it is when you see you are holy that you become holy. Seeing the accomplished fact determines the pathway to the realizing of that fact. The end is reached by seeing, not by desiring or working. The only possibility of spiritual progress lies in our discovering the truth as God sees it; the truth concerning Christ, the truth concerning ourselves in Christ, and the truth concerning the Church, the Body of Christ….

“…it is something to be seen by the Holy Spirit’s revelation to our hearts, and not till we see it do we know our heavenly calling. That calling does not call us into heaven, but makes known to us that we are of heaven and in heaven. So the Church is not a company of Christians working their way heavenward, but a company who are actually now citizens of heaven. Remember again: No man hath ascended into heaven, but … the Son of man, which is in heaven. The Church need not pray that she may become like Christ. She needs only to see her place there in union with her Lord.”

Apprehending and living God’s glorious truth with you in Christ, your sister deanna

*See The Vital Distinction between “Becoming of Christ” and “Becoming Christ-Like” and  A Scripture to Link with Our Desire to Become “Christ-Like

11 thoughts on “On the Importance of Seeing from God’s Viewpoint

  1. I love to read important scriptures, or scriptures I don’t understand in various versions. This was amazing to read this VERY important scripture in all the other versions. Thanks for this link!


  2. Reblogged this on The Lord Is With Us and commented:

    As the year draws to a close, I have on my heart to emphasize the utmost importance of KNOWING CHRIST INTIMATELY and KNOWING OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST. Seeing and believing God’s word about us causes great spiritual truths to become manifest here on earth. Watchman Nee’s quotes at the end of this word of encouragement from earlier this year are spot on. God bless you, dear readers! So very much love in Christ, your sister deanna


  3. Wonderful post. I am reminded of that episode in Mark 8 where the blind man received his sight but could only see men as trees walking. Not until Jesus laid hands on him again and then ’caused him to look up’ did he see everything clearly. It is when our focus is on Jesus and not on men or our own perceptions that we can begin to see clearly. For when we look into the face of our healer, our Savior, our friend, our deliverer, our God, can we begin to see and experience what He sees and experiences.

    The scriptures says that our lives are ‘hidden’ with Christ in God and this, to me, is similar to my experience after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I saw that I was walking around ‘inside’ a human form and that ‘form’ was Jesus Himself. I was seeing everything through His eyes, understanding everything through His heart and loving everyone through His love. I was ‘literally’ hidden within Him and could not help but love all those I saw with a perfect love. Also, I was able to see that ‘mask’, that thin and fragile veil men put on and underneath that transparent veil, I could see layer after layer of all the hurts and offenses that person experienced their entire life.

    Underneath it all, there was a small child, trembling in fear, crying for someone to love him/her. Then I saw a brilliant light, Jesus, appear where that child was and take him by the hand and walk him through all those layers of hurts, healing them along the way. When asked by the Spirit of the Lord, “Would you like to walk like this always?”, needless to say, I was more than eager. Then He took me by my hand and ‘showed’ me what I would need to ‘suffer’ to get to that point. Yes, there IS a price to pay but no price is too high as the glory that is to be revealed cannot compare to the sufferings of this present age.

    So yes, we must keep our focus on Jesus and not let the many distractions of this world tear us away or we will ‘begin to sink’ as Peter did when HE took his eyes off Jesus and turned them to the storm. Even when he did this and he cried out to Jesus, instantly Jesus was there to deliver him. We have THAT promise and THAT assurance of His faithfulness to never leave us nor forsake us that gives us confidence in the hour of trial that is to come on the whole earth.

    Again, thanks for sharing and blessings to you dear one.

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    1. Beautiful, dear brother! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this here! I had never seen Mark 8:25 that way, and am so grateful you “opened my eyes” to that. I see that the KJV differs from the NIV, ESV, NRSV, and other translations in saying that Jesus made the blind man “look up” the second time. Now I’m eager to “see” what the Greek really says!

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  4. Hmm. This is wonderful. Just wonderful. Really insightful. Thank you for sharing the words of Watchman Nee. Really a blessing. We become it by seeing it and definitely keeping our eyes focused on the revelation. Can’t seem to find the reblog button though.

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