On Becoming Love, Part IV – Dan Mohler

I don’t travel and preach to earn a living; I’m ministering a calling. I did not make a contract with your pastor and you guys don’t owe me anything for coming and speaking here. You didn’t have to pass the basket. I’m serious. Why can’t it be that clean in the Body of Christ? Why is it business if it’s family, if it’s the Kingdom of God? That’s the way of the world, not the Kingdom!

You are to lay down your life, pick up your cross, and follow King Jesus no matter what. No matter whether people appreciate you, believe, or even seem to care, you are to walk in love and hope the lights come on for someone, and you’ve done well.

But if you get to people owing you for what you do for them you’re going to be another hurt Christian. If you put expectations on people you’re just going to set them up to fail and you’re going to be disappointed, and down the road you’ll have three or four reasons for why you “aren’t where you should be” but none of those things on the list are lord; isn’t that strange? Oh, I’m preaching good, man! Are you okay with this?

Because when you say you aren’t where you should be, it’s condemnation, and that beats you down and you’re grayed out; you’re coming up with excuses for being there, and you won’t grow. And rather than apply faith to truth and let grace save you, you’ll come up with three justifications for keeping you in condemnation.

Have you ever had someone admit they’re in condemnation but then they have a couple of reasons why? It’s amazing to me because none of those reasons are lord! You let a person be the reason why you’re in condemnation! Wow, you can’t even let your spouse have that much power to keep you from truth! You vowed to love your spouse, not to need them! My wife can’t keep me from God’s presence! My wife has no power to keep me from Him! I don’t need my wife to be okay in the Lord; let’s just break that lie.

The just live by faith. So what do we really believe?

You can’t let anything determine who you are except who He is in you.

How do you get there, you ask?

You get alone with Him when nobody’s looking.


When I preach on this, when I preach on what love really looks like, I find a handful of folks who realize they don’t want to become love. Why? Because they want to hold onto the rights they inherited from the fall of man and the natural wisdom they’ve been trained by. So they yell, “But…” the whole way through the message. That’s guaranteeing tomorrow will be yesterday, and now you have a permission slip to stay the same.

God has called you to change! (Are you following me? This matter is intense; I didn’t fly all the way here just to soft-pedal something!)

…I talk this way so the little foxes don’t spoil the fruit of the vine; so you walk knowing He loves you and that you’re worth His blood; you walk in righteousness and have boldness before God.

You can actually get comfortable with people and get used to people feeling safe to you. You can serve in a ministry just to get accolades and appreciation from those you’re serving because you really don’t feel good inside. I’ve seen it all in ministry! And then when you’re serving, the more they praise you, you go extra miles because they say you’re the best minister ever, there’s nobody like you, and you’re feeding off of that to the point that if they weren’t saying that you’d be disheartened and wondering if anyone appreciated you because you’re “going out of your way.” That is how people get hurt and leave churches.

I thought we didn’t do it to get appreciated! I thought we did it because of love!

That would be like Jesus saying when they came to arrest Him, “After all I did for you in your cities, healing the sick, casting out demons, you come after me with clubs… If you don’t get it by now, just ‘beam me up, Scotty,’ I’m outta here!”

Come on! He’s not in it for that! Jesus is in it to send the most amazing message of what love looks like so we have something to follow.

Picture Him carrying His cross up a hill, and that situation with Barabbas just eating Him; it’s like the straw that breaks the Messiah’s back: “Barabbas! How could they pick a murderer and troublemaker over me? Barabbas?! What a bunch of knuckleheads!” And now you’re rationalizing, applying natural knowledge about these people you’re about to die for. And you start thinking, “Man, if they haven’t gotten it by now, they ain’t ever gonna get it, God! What a bunch of losers! Are You kidding me?” And then He just drops the cross and says, “I ain’t doin’ this!”

It sounds funny, but think with me: you would understand in the natural way we’re taught to talk. It would make a great talk show: He’s a Victim, and the world’s a villain! You understand that if Jesus acted that way, nobody could judge Him for it because in the natural He’d be absolutely right. There was no one more pure, no one ever more amazing, no one ever more right.

And yet Jesus didn’t take a right to be right. He walked in righteousness and became what we were so that we could be empowered to become what He is. That’s our Jesus, guys! He was beat beyond description, and He knew it was coming because He doesn’t just know the Scriptures, He IS the Scriptures.

Come on, we run at fear of man; we run at “what are they gonna think?” Isaiah 52 says He came knowing He was going to be marred more than any of the sons of men. That means that when they were done beating Jesus you couldn’t recognize Him; marred beyond recognition. I’m telling you, the movie “The Passion” didn’t fully portray all that they inflicted on Jesus, and that was hard to watch, if you watched it. I tell every Christian you ought to prop your eyes open and make yourself watch it to see some of what they did to Him, and get a real good sober grip of the price that He paid for you.

Don’t you say you don’t have value! Don’t you tell me you can never get it right! Don’t you tell me some cheap flesh excuse steeped in human wisdom now that Christ shed His blood for you!

You must have amazing potential to God, or He’s wacko to shed His blood for you.  Jesus thinks what He purchased with His blood is worth it! He’s willing to shed it to obtain YOU.


This is the fourth part of a series of my partial transcript/excerpts of a two hour-long video of Dan Mohler posted on YouTube entitled “Being Transformed into the Image of Jesus Christ, Part 1 of 4″ – modified somewhat for readability (segment 43:48 – 55:25).

One thought on “On Becoming Love, Part IV – Dan Mohler

  1. Deanna,
    Thank you for the energy you’ve put into transcribing parts of Dan M.s sermons. I’m a granny and not super-navigable on the Internet. Do you have more transcriptions? Are you available to talk on the phone? We plan to come to Corpus later this month for a wedding. Thank you again for letting the Lord use you for His glory!


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