Effectively Teaching Repentance and the Conviction of Sin – Dan Mohler

We’ll be more effective if we preach on men’s value instead of men’s sins. If you preach on men’s value it will separate them from their sins, because they’ll wonder why they’re living so below the truth once it pierces their heart; the truth will begin to make them free.

When you point out sin you make men conscious of sin, and then they’re in a war against it, and Jesus already won it.

When you preach on value, you’ll call men up and out of the bondage of sin. You teach men’s value and purpose in their created identity through God and they’ll have a desire to live towards and for that. Come on, I’m preaching pure gospel to you.

You’ve got to take this into your life and your heart first, become it and manifest it to the world.

photo: Marc Dilley

The two greatest commandments that Jesus said you can hang all the law and the prophets on: love God with everything you are and love your neighbor as yourself. The Bible teaches you can’t love God unless you see His love first. The way you come into this thing has to be He loves you; it has to be this, not, “You’re a sinner and you need to repent.”

When you see He loves you it will convict you of sin and you’ll want to repent. It’s not because, “Look, if you don’t pray this prayer you’re going to go to hell, and if you die tonight…  I need to know who you are and so let’s pray this prayer.” I’m not a fan of that, because I don’t see it in my Bible. It’s all about changing into who you are created to be. It’s not about saving yourself; it’s about dying to yourself so you can live unto Him.

(My partial transcript of a Dan Mohler video entitled  “Effectively Teaching Repentance and the Conviction of Sin – Dan Mohler” on YouTube, modified slightly for readability.)


3 thoughts on “Effectively Teaching Repentance and the Conviction of Sin – Dan Mohler

  1. God’s love is so overwhelming! The more we are convicted of God’s love, the less room there is in our hearts for hate and intolerance. When I think of God’s love, I am always taken to the image of the man on the cross next to Jesus. Love, up to His final earthly seconds!

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