On Meeting with God – Dan Mohler

The Lord Is With Us

It’s a relationship. I don’t meet with God; He’s in me. So when am I ever apart from Him? I talk to Him all the time. I commune with Him. When I read the word, I don’t read it for information; I read it to know Him. So I honor the word of God.

I have never read my Bible in order to preach a sermon for you. I read my Bible to know Him, and from out of knowing Him I have something to say to you. Got it?

So take His love personally, receive His forgiveness and mercy, wake up knowing you’re a son or a daughter. Say “yes” to every “yes” that shouts from Jesus Christ, and just be His kid. Do you get it?

When you open your Bible, just welcome Holy Spirit, thank Him that He’s in your life to reveal Christ to you.

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