Why Jesus Was So Unrecognizable – Dan Mohler

“He lost His appearance and was beyond recognition because that’s what sin did to us.” That’s why Jesus was so unrecognizable as described by Dan Mohler in this near literal transcript of the brief video posted on YouTube entitled “What’s up with the unrecognizable Jesus?”


The blood removes the act of our sin, the body removes the effects of that sin. He was beaten beyond description; you couldn’t tell who He was when they were done with Him. He didn’t look like Jesus, and He didn’t look like any man. His visage was marred more than any of the sons of men.

He lost His appearance and was beyond recognition because that’s what sin did to us. When sin got done with us we were unrecognizable from what we’d been in the beginning. He became what we were so we could take back our rightful appearance. He came and was wronged with sin and clothed with the unrighteousness of it so we could go free. It pleased the Father to do that to His Son and cause His soul to grieve so He would see His seed in the fruit and longevity of His days, and it’s us, people.

I don’t even believe He could die when they beat Him, because He never sinned. The only reason death came was because all men sinned and all men died. Jesus never sinned. Death had no dominion over Him. He gave His life, no man took it.

But He didn’t die until they put Him on the tree and He was made to be sin. What was killing us? Sin. What was He made to be? Sin. Anything hanging on a tree has been cursed by God. What was killing us can kill us no more because His Son was made to be sin that we could go free. It’s never about sin, it’s about righteousness.

This gospel will save your life! It’s more than an Easter story, it’s more than a suffering Savior. It’s of children being redeemed. It’s people getting back their face, their identity, and their image in God! It’s not people trying to be good now, it’s sons and daughters now. It’s people putting away selfishness and self-centeredness and becoming the love of God, putting their own life unto death. Giving because something so amazing has been given…

Why did He grieve in the Garden of Gethsemane? Why was He sorrowful unto death? Because He knew He would take the beating of a lifetime and not even be able to die. He had to suffer every blow until the price was paid in full that we could go free, yet He endured the pain and shame because of the joy set before Him. He said “Hit Me if you want because they must go free.”

That’s a love that never fails. The easy way out would have been to die! No man could take the beating He took – it’s impossible – and not die. He didn’t die because of a spiritual law. Adam sinned and death entered the earth and because all sinned all died. Jesus never sinned – He was the pure spotless holy Lamb of God; you could have beat Him until today and He would not have died. It was not until the Father laid sin upon Him that death came and He yielded to it so that we could live forever.

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