Part IV – The Volleyball Player and the Triple-Boarded Physician

For the rest of this series, I will share some testimonies of speaking God’s glorious truth on sickness and healing forth so that it came to be manifest in members of my family. In each case I followed Jesus’ example of KNOWING God’s word on the matter, BELIEVING it, and SPEAKING IT FORTH (described in Part II). I must also share more of what the Lord has taken me through so that you have some understanding of how I have come to know His word on sickness and healing – that testimony within a testimony will be offset to the right.

Miraculous Healing Testimony: The Volleyball Player

This August, my 15-year old daughter’s Christian high school varsity volleyball team competed in a tournament in a rural town nearly two hours outside of the city. As we were about to leave our house to ride to the tournament with a friend and her daughter, my upbeat daughter made a passing comment about having dark spots in her vision; this had happened only once before, whereon it had resolved a few hours after I had prayed for her. I prayed a quick prayer about it, and we left.

My friend and I were engrossed in sharing testimonies virtually the entire drive, but I did note that my daughter did not appear to be as animated as usual with her teammate in the back seat. When we arrived at the gym and got out of the car, my stoic daughter stood weakly with her hand to her head, and cried out in frustration that she really wanted to compete but her head hurt badly. She quickly dropped back onto the back seat crying softly, mumbling that she just wanted to lie down and sleep. Nothing remotely like this had ever happened to her before.

As a recently retired physician, I could have been alarmed: the differential diagnosis ran the gamut from a migraine headache to an intracranial bleed  (a neurosurgical emergency) from having hit her head while playing sports (she is quite the athlete). The fact that we were hours away from neurosurgical care and did not have what most people consider health insurance came immediately to my mind.

But, praise God, although I was very concerned about my precious daughter, I honestly was not alarmed – I was yoked to Christ, and I knew in my spirit that He was orchestrating a testimony (I actually knew that during this)! He had done an extensive work in this recently retired physician over the past few years.

Now I must digress to share more details of my personal testimony at this point that you may understand these testimonies of healing of members of my immediate family. I believe that you’ll be glad you read this; it clearly is not of this world (John 8:23)…

A Brief Testimony of Some of What God has Done with This Triple-Boarded Physician Since I Gave My Life to Christ

Jesus saved me midlife as I meditated on Galatians 2:20 while sitting in a Barnes and Noble Café on the busiest shopping day of the year, the Friday after Thanksgiving. God had given me an insatiable hunger for His word for about a year leading up to this: after full days of working at the hospital and then evenings of mothering at home, I enjoyed finally delving into the Scriptures at night in addition to weekends, focusing on the four gospels. I had just joined Community Bible Study, and was studying Romans 5-7 in depth: the glorious doctrine was finally being revealed!

The bookstore cafe was crawling with people as God brought me THE revelation of what our Savior had done for us. Tears of joy and relief rolled down my face as I immediately understood the Cross, and I was baptized by the Holy Spirit that very instant. Of course no one around me knew – they were otherwise occupied.

I was set on fire for Jesus because, similar to what our Father had done with His apostle Paul, He showed me the heavenly vision. I immediately gave my life to Christ, for the revelation of Christ within our hearts, our spirits, is the call to do the “impossible” with Him. I was baptized within a month on Christmas Day, 2005. (That in itself was an astounding experience – a testimony for another day!)

From day one, the Lord put on my heart to pray for “fast track sanctification”; He quickly brought me to be absolutely rooted and grounded in Christ, the Father’s love for me, and His glorious word. The Holy Spirit “home-schooled” me in the Word, revealing far above and beyond what was taught through Baptist Bible study on Sundays, our weekly in-depth Community Bible Study, and then some academic Bible studies at a local School of Christian Studies.

How did God do that? Through bringing me much experiential knowledge of Christ! He ensured that I know Christ intimately by causing me to depend on Him utterly, as a little child. (Humility and meekness are key to entering His Kingdom – see Luke 18:16-17.)

Perhaps the most extreme way that He did this was by sovereignly allowing and/or bringing two peculiar and outright bizarre Joseph-like experiences in my professional life within a five year span, the first coming just eight months after giving my life to Christ. Praise God, His  favor clearly rested on me the entire time, just as His favor clearly rested on Joseph when he was sold into slavery by jealous brothers then wrongfully imprisoned by a false accusation. You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. (Psalm 23:5-6).

While from a worldly perspective things appeared quite bad for me, my family, and my highly esteemed (and rewarding!) medical profession, God had been graciously affording me considerable rich experience in spiritual matters pertaining to the specific plans that He had called me to and was fashioning me for.

More specifically, over the course of a few years I came to know Christ personally as my Healing, for He taught me to seek Him regarding the spiritual causes of any illnesses that came (e.g. a flu, a cold, etc.) and to quickly realign my thinking with His (that means repent, mind you). Since the Lord did not permit me to seek the care of my medical colleagues or take any medications, the healings which I experienced could ONLY be attributed to having applied these spiritual principles that the Holy Spirit was teaching me.

In this manner, I first learned God’s principle that physical healing follows resolution of our spiritual issues. This is especially illustrated in Jesus’ healing of the  paralytic in John 5:5-15 when He tells the man “Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” 

Then I came to learn how intimacy with the Lord and receiving the discipline of the Holy Spirit keep a disciple of Christ healthy; no surprise, this entails habitually choosing death to self and obeying the Lord instead of doing what our outer natural self, our “soulish” nature, desires/thinks/feels is best. This is the process by which I came to know Christ as my Health.

Working solo part-time outside of a medical group, I experienced a drastic reduction in income (I had been a partner), and our family could not afford health insurance as most people know it; this is how I then came to know Christ as our family’s Health Insurance.

Within eight years of giving my life to Christ, I then willfully (different from willingly) answered His call (revealed incrementally) to retire from the practice of medicine and to serve Him in a few blessed ways, including this one which concerns us at present: leading and teaching His leaders by example to know and depend on Him as their Healing, Health, and Health Insurance instead of relying on doctors and our expensive worldly healthcare system.

Why is this so important to the Lord? Please pay the utmost attention to what follows. Although surgery can cure many conditions (often with non-ideal consequences), modern medicine is disease management, and, at best, treats it. In great contrast, God’s word is that through Christ, disease has been eradicated because it’s cause, our sin nature, has been crucified with Christ; by His wounds you have been healed (1 Peter 2:24). Both modern healthcare and God’s way of healing and restoration are very costly; His Way, however, came at infinite price, and the price has already been paid!

Please pause a moment to take that in, for it “uproots and tears down, destroys and overthrows” our worldly mindset (see Jeremiah 1:10). See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ (Colossians 2:8). (If this stirs you to learn exactly what the Scriptures actually say about disease and healing – that is, the spiritual truth which supercedes what we know via modern medicine and the scientific method of investigation – I direct you to a ~35 page Bible study the Lord led me to write: Looking Into God’s Word on the Cause and Eradication of Disease.)

This has been only a brief synopsis of my testimony, but it suffices for our present purpose.

Now, back to my daughter! 😊We will resume the “Miraculous Healing Testimony: The Volleyball Player” in Part V

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  1. Looks like I am reading this a bit backwards. But so good to read, anyway! I always LOVE to hear other’s testimonies! Our Lord is always so faithful and encouraging through other’s lives….least we forget our own miracles and testimonies!

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  2. 1 Peter 2:24 is saying that we are spiritually healed — not physically. The context is that Christ bore our sins on the cross as a remedy for our spiritual condition. It has no application for physical healing. Christians get sick and die. Otherwise, faith healers could empty every hospital bed by simply preaching the Gospel. I’ve never heard of a faith healer emptying the cancer ward.

    The Bible speaks of sin as a disease — the healing of which the apostle is indicating.


      1. I have not read a Hebrew or Greek scholar since the Reformation who has not exposited this passage from Peter as I have presented.

        John Gill (1697-1771) wrote in his commentary:

        Sin is a disease, a natural and hereditary one that reaches to all men, and in itself mortal and incurable; nor can it be healed by (anyone). Christ is the only physician, and his blood the balm and sovereign medicine ,,,

        Gill noted that the Jews do not interpret this as a healing of diseases, but of forgiveness of iniquity as when David asks the LORD to look upon his distress and take away his sin (Psalm 25:18).

        I am not aware of any faith healer who possesses the healing power of Jesus Christ. Certainly, none have raised the dead. The only deception is false exegesis.


        1. Sin IS the root cause of all affliction, even death. Jesus often challenged the religious leaders of His day by saying, “Is it easier to say ‘your sins are forgiven’ or to say ‘rise up and walk’?” That man ‘born’ blind did not suffer this blindness due to his sins or his parent’s sin but so the glory of God could be revealed. This statement by Jesus is declaring God’s power over all the ‘results’ of sin for if Adam and Eve had not sinned, there would be no death, no sickness, no illnesses or diseases of any kind. Notice the blessings and the curses of the law as shown in Deut. 28. Every kind of disease including those ‘unknown’ kinds were to be inflicted on those who disobeyed God’s word.

          The key to all of this is in ‘obeying God’s word’. Not just the printed word but that rhema He speaks to us even today IF we are willing or even believe we hear His voice.

          Everyone the Father sent Jesus to heal, deliver or raise from the dead were healed, delivered and risen from death to life. However, He was not sent to ‘everyone’. Look at the pool at Bethesda, out of a multitude of the infirm, Jesus healed only one. You see, all healing from the Father and Jesus did nothing of His own accord but only did as He both saw of His Father and heard His Father speaking.

          Many today who go out to pray for the sick and infirm, do so of their own accord and have not heard the direction of the Holy Spirit to do so and THIS is the primary reason so many have not been healed and delivered. I know this personally because I’ve experienced it both ways. Praying for those out of my own pride and foolishness AND those times when He clearly directed me to pray for someone. Those I was shown to pray for and how to pray, ALL were healed of whatever it was they were inflicted with. Everyone I prayed for that I did NOT receive instructions from the Holy Spirit to pray for their healing, DID NOT receive healing.

          We say “but I have faith” but what so many actually mean by this is they have more of a ‘mental assent’ rather than true faith. Faith does not come from you or me, it is a supernatural product of God’s rhema (word) to us individually (Romans 10:17). If I hear God’s voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit, give me instruction to do this or that, then whatever I do in obedience to Him, will happen. I am able to ‘have faith’ because when God ‘actively speaks’ to me, “faith” is released into me and I have no doubts whatsoever.

          You may say “but I HAVE faith He will heal me”. But, apparently, you are still not healed and have chosen to listen to others who have “explained it away” and spiritualized it, thus making the Word of God of no effective through their traditions and their trying to understand through their natural minds.

          Jesus taught that if we have faith as little as a mustard seed, we could say to this mountain, “be removed and cast yourself into the sea” and it would do according to our command. But does this mean that when we read the story and say to ourselves, I have faith, and then turn to the nearby mountain and put this thing to the test and command the mountain to be cast into the sea? Do you suppose it would work? Absolutely not. The reason is a critical element has not been followed. Jesus declared He could do NOTHING of His own free will but He only does what He “sees” His Father doing. So, a mustard seed (baby sized) faith is all that is needed to bring us into the kingdom of God but once we are IN God’s kingdom, we are to walk in obedience to all the Holy Spirit teaches us and to do according to all His instructions. THEN if He were to tell us to speak to that mountain to cast itself into the sea, THEN that mountain would have no choice but to obey. The very CREATOR Himself has ordered it and has chosen to use a human vessel, as frail as that vessel is, to speak His Words and everything of God’s creation MUST obey God, even He DOES use a little man to ‘repeat’ the words God gave him.

          You see, it all has to do with authority. If you, as a father, tell one of your children to speak to the other children to do something, that child you instructed has your backing as the one who ‘authorized’ that child to speak on your behalf. But what if that child spoke on your behalf but you did not send him to speak for you and what he spoke was not according to your wisdom and will at the time? Should that child receive that which he spoke only because he spoke it in your name or should that child NOT receive what he spoke because he actually did not speak in YOUR name but according to his own will?

          Many are those who speak and act when God did not send them to speak and act but what they did, they did for themselves. THIS is the dividing line between those who are His TRUE servants and those who are not. Many will come to Jesus in that day and declare to Him all those things they did in His name and because they never developed a relationship with Jesus but did these things on their own, He will say to them, “Depart from Me you workers of iniquity for I NEVER KNEW YOU!” They may have done all kinds of works in the name of Jesus but because He did not instruct them to, they did this according to their own will. God, in whose eyes nothing is hidden and all the motivations of the heart are seen by Him, knows the true condition of their motives and those whose motives do not match His by walking in complete obedience to the Father, are those who are seeking to come in some other way. More specifically, like the thief who seeks to come into the kingdom some other way than that which was ordained by God. Faith in Christ brings us INTO the kingdom of God but faith AND obedience causes us to grow in faith, wisdom and might in the Lord as we lay down our aspirations expectations and choose to walk completely in His.

          I am speaking from the place of walking in obedience to the Spirit of the Lord and from this place, He has used me to heal the sick, cast out demons, work miracles, deliver the oppressed and raise the dead. All these things are because the Spirit of the Lord told me to do. None of these things would have happened had I tried to do this by just reading an account in the bible and then try to do it based on my reading.

          I have heard of those who read about Peter’s experience of walking on water and so they too tried to do the same. They did not succeed. They considered themselves to have faith but the one thing that Peter had they did not was Jesus standing on that water and saying to Peter, “COME!”. At Jesus’ word, Peter walked on water. If Jesus had not ‘authorized it’, Peter would not have walked on water.

          So, if the Holy Spirit says to rise up and be healed, then you will rise up and be healed because you will have heard it coming from the mouth of the Father’s Holy Spirit. I too am struck with various maladies and know that unless the Lord authorizes it, I will remain as I am. This is very unusual for me for throughout all my years as a believer, about 40 years now, He has ALWAYS healed me of whatever injury or sickness I had. This time, I prayed and received nothing. He has His reasons and with all of my experiences with Him over the years, I have a good idea as to the reason why.

          An example of this. In my younger years, when visiting with some of my siblings, they always wanted to arm wrestle me because previously, they were never able to best me. This time however, they were all men now and only one of them was able to hold me at a ‘standstill’. We stayed locked together for nearly an hour without either one giving in. It was a stalemate. We agreed that neither one would win so we both gave up. My arm, at the elbow, was in severe pain the rest of that day. I went to the Lord seeking healing but He told me no. When I asked Him, He showed me He wanted my older sister to pray for me and THEN He would heal me. However, I was not to ask her but to let her offer. She never did and that despite of her seeing me in great pain all day and all evening.

          I went to bed nearly in tears the pain was so great but I remained obedient to the Lord and did not ask her to pray for me. The following day, we all visited her pastor at his home. Immediately after greeting us, he saw how grievous my pain was and prayed for me. Instantly the pain was gone. This was done in my sister’s presence. Later that evening, in our usual after everyone has gone to bed talks, I brought up the healing. I was allowed to tell her then how I had asked the Lord to heal and why He said no. I told her that I would be healed once my sister prayed for me. She exclaimed that she KNEW she was supposed to pray for me and she also knew that “I knew” she was supposed to pray. I asked her why she didn’t pray for me and she got very quiet and slowly explained that she did not have ‘sufficient’ faith.

          We had a long talk about faith and obedience after this explanation and since that time, she never questioned about this again as she clearly heard the Lord telling her to pray for her brother. Now she knows it is about obedience. Fear is what actually kept her from faith as she had less trust in what God told her and more trust in her own lack of experience and understanding.

          Now I do not intend on leaving you only with this lengthy explanation. I want to pray for you:

          Holy Father, You know why I am coming to You as You know that I trust You implicitly. It is on behalf of this man I come and I ask You to send the rain of Your Spirit into this man’s heart. I can see the ground of his heart was once plowed by You and Your word but now, it has become hardened through sorrow and grief. I know You are always faithful to Your word and I pray for him that you touch him and remove from him all those judgments and perspectives that do not agree with You. Soften the ground of his heart and bring Your Word to him to plow him up again. Grant him repentance and give to him Your Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, one of the seven-fold Spirits you spoke of in Revelations. I ask you to send to him a servant who is true to You and deliver him from his malady, whatever it is and do this to bring great glory and honor to Your Name. Glorify Your name in the sight of all and show all men that You have not changed but You are always the same. In Jesus’ mighty name! Thank you Father that you always hear my prayer! Amen!

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      2. ..the veil of unbelief..our hearts so accustomed to walking by sight, or by the norms of status-quo Christianity, we hardly know how/what to think of pure faith anymore. THANKYOU sister for working to remind us!!


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        1. So good to hear from you, sister! Your words bring to mind Jesus’ words to His disciples who could not drive the epilepsy-causing demon from the epileptic boy because of their own (subtle) demons of unbelief/fear in Matt. 17:14-20. Note in that case God’s will was clearly that the boy be delivered and healed, but the disciples’ unbelief/fear thwarted their ability to deliver/heal him in the authority Jesus bestowed upon them. A powerful lesson for all believers, upon whom Jesus has bestowed His authority to do even greater things than He did (see John 14:11-12; see also


  3. [Addressing messiah gate] It is the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth. Your defense here is in calling upon the wisdom of men and not God. Jesus tells us we understand with our hearts, not our minds (Matt. 13:11-15). My dear sibling, repent now from pursuing God with the mind like the Pharisees. Jesus IS the word of God, and everyone who He healed was healed wholly because their sins were forgiven. I suggest you be a Berean and dig into the Scriptures addressing the cause and eradication of disease if you truly seek to learn God’s word on the matter. The Lord led me (a physician with worldly accolades, mind you, like how Saul of Tarsus was a Hebrew of Hebrews*) to study them and compile this list of them for all who seek His word on the matter. I pray you truly seek the Truth, for He reveals Himself to the pure in heart.

    * see Becoming a “Fool” in Order to Become Wise – The Lord Is With Us

    Part 7: List of Pertinent Scriptures Addressing the Spiritual Roots of Disease – The Lord Is With Us

    Lastly, see also a partial transcript of our brother Dan Mohler’s testimony on miraculous healing today: Dan Mohler on Healing – Powerful! – The Lord Is With Us

    God bless you, dear one!


  4. So, if I am not healed of physical maladies it means I am not forgiven?

    The man who was born blind (John 9) was guilty of no sin — nor his parents. It plants seeds of doubt in the mind of a saved person to suggest it is their fault for being sick.

    I know that I am forgiven, but it hasn’t healed my afflictions — some of which have plagued me since birth. Paul prayed three times for healing, but God would not. The LORD forgave David, but the king suffered the consequence of sin until he died.

    It doesn’t well serve the body of Christ to make a sick person feel guilt or doubt which the Lord has taken away. Hundreds of prayers have been spoken over me, and my faith does not waver.

    I know that God heals, but sometimes He does not. Hope is a powerful thing, but false hope can end in spiritual death if a person of weak faith expects healing and is not.


  5. Dear one, I have given you the living waters and the bread of life. It is your choice to not read them but to debate. You have not chosen Him, but self-preservation. He calls us to deny self and follow Him. He knew God the Father’s love for Him and rested in that. Such knowledge is spiritual, and God must reveal it by His Spirit. Review 1 Cor 1:18-2:16 and the three references above please before posting another comment. You will be blessed!


  6. I have been a Christian for 35 years. The passages in 1 Cor are not unfamiliar to me — nor are they pertinent.

    We have no disagreement that God heals, but He does so according to Divine will.

    Like Peter, the apostle Matthew also quotes Isaiah:

    (Mt 8:16-17) When evening came, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed; and He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were ill. This was to fulfill what was spoken through Isaiah the prophet: “HE HIMSELF TOOK OUR INFIRMITIES AND CARRIED AWAY OUR DISEASES.”

    The New Testament church understood that the miracle of healing, prophesied by Isaiah, was fulfilled in their day by the hand of Jesus Christ. This gift of healing was conferred upon the apostles who, in fact, performed miracles of healing — even raising the dead — which power expired with the death of the last apostle.

    Does this mean Christians are not healed today? By no means, but even if laying on of the hands (James 5:14-16) was absolute no one in the early church would have got sick … or died.


    1. You said:
      “This gift of healing was conferred upon the apostles who, in fact, performed miracles of healing — even raising the dead — which power expired with the death of the last apostle.”

      Cessation theory are for those who refuse to believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Holy Spirit’s power was not just for those in the New Testament or just for the apostles. Where in the scripture can you PROVE your statement that the power of God has ‘expired’ with the death of the last apostle. You have chosen to align yourself with the unbelievers and not with the living God who changes not.

      What about the many testimonies of physical healings throughout church history? Are they all frauds? I’ve experienced physical healings from the Lord many times since I came to Him in ’76. He has used me to lay hands on the sick and they all recovered, most instantly. On one such occasion, I laid my hands on a young woman who had passed out while working in the kitchen of a major hotel chain. I stretched out my hand, touched her and declared out loud, “Be healed in Jesus’ Name!”. At once, I was able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she gave her life to Him. Later, after she was taken to the hospital by ambulance, her family doctor examined her and the hole in her heart which she was born with was completely healed with evidence of scar tissue or ever having been damaged at all. To this doctor, a miracle occurred.

      If the power of God towards healing of the physical body was not true, then how did her heart get healed? Most certainly not on its own as she has had this hole in her heart throughout her childhood and adult life. I will go a step further. God has used me to raise a man from the dead. There was no breath in him and no heartbeat and yet, when I did as the Spirit of God showed me to do, I rebuked the spirit of death from him and the man ‘woke up’, wondering how he got to the floor. His wife and mine were witnesses to this event. God received all the glory!

      If that ‘power’ of God died away with the apostles, then how do you account for the many healings and deliverances performed through men like Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Aimee Semple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, William Branham, etc.

      1 Peter 4:11 KJV If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

      To speak as the ORACLES of God is to speak what GOD is speaking. Not what He spoke yesterday but what He IS speaking TODAY! He speaks through those who are His children. He speaks to us through His Holy Spirit He gave to the church, yesterday, today and forever. God did not send the Holy Spirit only for one generation but for all generations. You simply cannot show me anywhere in scriptures that the Holy Spirit’s baptism was given only to that one generation and to no other. Paul spoke in several letters about those gifts of the Spirit of God and nowhere does he mention they were only for their generation or only for apostles.

      In Romans 12, he speaks of various gifts including prophecy and we are called to prophesy according to that measure of faith that was given and yet, many today also believe that this gift of prophecy was only for that time and not for today. Where in this chapter does God say it was limited only for their time?

      In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul is showing that the giver of these gifts is the Holy Spirit who gives according to the will of the Lord to accomplish His purposes. The gift of healing was given, not just to the apostles but ‘severally as He wills’. Those healings we see recorded for us in the New Testament were not “limited” to spiritual healings but God brought His power to heal the physical bodies. Only those who have ‘hardened their hearts’ to the truth refuse to accept that God heals today as He did yesterday. The only ones who changed are those who refuse to believe the truth. God has NOT changed!

      I wrote you a lengthy message on your website which, as I wrote it, the Spirit of the Lord said for me to copy all that I’ve written because this man will not allow this message to be posted as a comment on his website. And true to God’s word to me, you have not posted my comments. Your heart has become so hardened that you refuse to believe the truth, no matter WHO it comes from. You have twisted the words of the daughter of the King who wrote this message and her response to you and said what she had not said but what you wanted to convince others so they would believe you rather than the truth. You pointed to this site so they can see for themselves. I came and read what Deanna said and she says nothing in the manner as you say on your site that she said.

      “Messiah Gate”, your time in this life is coming to close and you have still resisted the Holy Spirit and continue to hold out in your unbelief. Repent of your judgments and unbelief or that day of your demise will be hastened. You are not resisting the will of man but are found to be resisting the Holy Spirit and just like Ananias and his wife Sapphira, who agreed together on this evil course of action to deceive man by saying they have given all when they have given only a portion with losing their lives as the Holy Spirit brought the judgment of God against them, so have you hardened your heart so that you have chosen to believe a lie and call it truth. You have been given a space to repent but you refuse and so, the ones who are to carry you out of this life are at your door. If you do not repent, your life will be required of you. REPENT and let the manifold grace and mercies of God come and cleanse you of all your unrighteousness. Refuse, and you choose the course that leads to death.


      1. Just in case anyone missed it, I was responding to “Messiah Gate” and not to Deanna in my comments above.

        Also, the message I wrote to this man has been posted on my website under the title: “Whatever You Ask In My Name” (

        As mentioned before, this man did not post this comment on his site and has made no reference to it nor the comments I gave on THIS site. He refuses to debate with me but continues to target Deanna. This does not bespeak of a man seeking for truth but one who has chosen to believe what he has taught himself.

        I agree with Deanna for not wishing to have this man posting any more comments until he has read certain messages she has pointed to him. His heart is hardened and it is evident that he refuses to hear anyone who disagrees with him and will even go to the point of disparaging a fellow believer, bringing false accusations and casting down her character.

        Isn’t this what the pharisees did to Jesus? They could not prove Him wrong and so sought to assassinate His character. Nothing worked, so in the end, they felt that all they could do to rid themselves of this Man who came to ‘torment’ them, was to have him crucified, not by their own law which forbade such barbarism but to submit Jesus to the laws of an ungodly nation so they could do to Him what they wanted to do but were constrained from doing AND all this worked to fulfill the prophetic word regarding the Messiah, he would be nailed to a tree.

        What this man does not realize that God will still use his own unbelief and hardened heart to point others to this website so they can hear the truth instead of those distorted words of his own. Hmmmmm. God is awesome! Even while we are being falsely accused, yet the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still being heard!

        Thank you Deanna for your unwavering faith and your boldness to share what God has given you to give!


        1. Glory be to God!

          May the readers note the dates and times of each of these messages; the ability to respond directly under any comment is good, but can mislead the casual reader who does not note the dates and times of each message herein.

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  7. The Lord is telling you [messiah gate] through me to read 1 Cor. 1:18-2:16 – they do apply to you. He loves you, and is running to you with open arms. Receive the grace! He thinks you’re worth the blood of His Son every bit as much as He thinks I am!

    I lovingly admonish you again to let go of your agenda of self-preservation and deny self in order to let the Holy Spirit minister to you as you read the recommended Scriptures (see previous comments). The Lord forgave and fully healed us all 2,000 years ago: it is for us to humble ourselves, know the truth, believe it, and receive His grace.

    The Lord and I love you, dear one, and want you to receive the healing so that you no longer suffer needlessly from those ailments. I would lay hands on you and pray my prayer of faith over you if you were here (see Mark 16:17, 18b; James 5:14-16).

    I assure you that the Holy Spirit will meet you as you humble yourself and seek Him with all that you have! He does it with me every time, praise His holy name!

    I apologize for not providing the link to the beginning of the Bible study that will help shed light on your questions. Here it is:

    Looking Into God’s Word on the Cause and Eradication of Disease – The Lord Is With Us

    Now I ask a second time that you withhold posting any more comments herein until you have READ ALL the articles that I have linked here, for all the answers are in the word herein. Thank you for respecting these requests.

    God bless you! I look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks.

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  8. Reblogged this on The Lord Is With Us and commented:

    Set yourself away from distractions for this one, dear reader; it includes a testimony which is likely to shake what must be shaken in you. May our Lord fill you with the spirit of wisdom and revelation in order to know both Him and His purpose better as you press in! 😊


  9. Thank you for posting these teachings. I am beginning to understand more by the Holy spirit. In order to begin to understand this I had to let go of old teachings. As I asked God to do the re-teaching, my eyes are beginning to be opened. I praise God! I tearfully praise God! I thankfully praise God!
    I had noticed that you have a lot of teachings with Dan Mohler. I just recently stumbled on his teachings. Everyone I have asked thus far have no clue who he is. How powerful and insightful his teachings are. I have shared it with another believer, they too thought it was powerful. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this! Praise God for how He works! I chuckled that you and I were commenting on each other’s sites simultaneously!
      Be sure to watch some of the YouTube videos of our brother Dan; it’s always a blessing to see our Lord Jesus Christ flowing forth through the flesh of a human being as He does through His submitted servant Dan…

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      1. I will be sure to do that. Although, my study is slow : )
        When I am learning something new, I always seek God. Then I re-watch, or re-read something and wait on the Lord. There is so much teachings out there, that one has to always be careful of what they grab onto and seek the Lord in all things.
        I really want to thank you though. You are watering the seed.

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        1. Slow deliberate study is not the world’s way, but it IS God’s way. “Wait on the Lord” and “seek God”, indeed! The only sinless Man did only as the Father was doing, and said only what the Father was saying. As we ABIDE in Christ and ABIDE in God’s word, we can truly rest knowing Christ will move us like a fine leather glove on His hand, for building up this magnificent Body of His on earth, causing His will be done here as in heaven… (Worship…)


    1. Thank you for this, and for you sharing your testimony and including the link to it here, Tim! I praise God for you not only for this, but for calling and equipping you as one of His many prophets in these key end-times; it’s not an easy road, for prophets must themselves BE the message they speak forth… I recall reading your awesome testimony when the Lord first led me to your blog site many many months ago, and I am looking forward to rereading it right now. 😊
      Be sure to read the rest of my testimony in Parts V and VI of this series the Lord is having me reblog this week; links to other testimonies on this site of miraculous healings the Lord has brought simply because of my faith in Him/His word may be found here:

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    2. I am so intrigued to pressing in to my Savior’s will for my life to be healed! I so appreciate these posts and you being obedient to his call to write on the matter. Looking forward to reading about the conclusion of this testimony.
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Praise God, Chanel! He is really “running with this” at the moment!! Think of it: in faith in Christ/God’s Word, so many more members of the Body of Christ will soon be laying hands on the sick and THEY WILL GET WELL (Mark 16:16-18)! Oh, how our knowledge and faith in His omnipotent word and then our applying it pleases the Lord!

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