True Knowledge and Peace: Relationship with Christ

The Lord Is With Us

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. – Hosea 4:6a

Throughout His earthly life, Jesus of Nazareth always rested in the knowledge of God the Father via  His relationship with Him. It was Jesus’ tried-and-true knowledge of God the Father, His love and His purpose of glory, which sustained our Lord through all His tribulations and persecutions.

Although He shared the Father’s tremendous concern for all wayward people and suffered immensely on our behalf, Jesus was ever joyful; this was because He knew God and His word (joy indeed!) through experiencing an intimate relationship with Him. Jesus of Nazareth’s knowledge of God was true knowledge, that is, it was of His heart/Spirit, and was not merely intellectual knowledge – it was not merely the knowledge of His human mind/soul.

Night-view-with-stars-Sequoia-National-Park-California.Jesus was joyful even as He celebrated the last supper with His disciples hours before He was to suffer exceedingly above and beyond…

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