A Scripture to Link with Our Desire to Become Christ-Like

The Lord Is With Us

This morning I was enjoying a serene time alone with the Lord on my back patio. As I dwelt in His glorious presence, knowing some of His great love for us, He led me to slowly read through my Bible’s concordance on certain words, which then led me to particular Scriptures. In this gentle and restful manner, He surprised me with Satan’s word to Eve in Eden, wherein He revealed more regarding our desire to become Christ-like that I am to share with you now. (See prior post The Vital Distinction between “Becoming of Christ” and “Becoming Christ-Like”if you haven’t already).

It’s very important that we know our heavenly Father is bringing us this understanding from the blessed standpoint of His indescribable love for us in Christ. He tells us this in LOVE in order that we captives be set free, that we be released from darkness and receive His crown of beauty instead of ashes, the…

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