Part V – God’s Miraculous Healing of the Volleyball Player

The Lord Is With Us

Miraculous Healing Testimony: The Volleyball Player (Continued)

Back to my daughter’s situation… Meanwhile, my dear sister in Christ who had driven us to the volleyball tournament had occluded the front windshield with an opaque sunscreen, left the motor running so we’d have air conditioning (it was summer in South Texas!), and had quietly put her small Bible in my hand. She and her daughter then went into the gym with the rest of the team and their families.

While my daughter lay absolutely still without making a sound in the back seat, I sat in the front seat pressing into the Lord and knowing His peace with all of my being, calmly turning from one Scripture to another as the Holy Spirit led me. I began quietly speaking some of my favorite well-known truths about His healing aloud over her, but she weakly insisted that I be silent – the sound hurt her head.


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