Part IV – The Volleyball Player and the Triple-Boarded Physician

Set yourself away from distractions for this one, dear reader; it includes a testimony which is likely to shake what can be shaken in you. May our Lord fill you with the spirit of wisdom and revelation in order to know both Him and His purpose better as you press in! 😊

The Lord Is With Us

For the rest of this series, I will share some testimonies of speaking God’s glorious truth on sickness and healing forth so that it came to be manifest in members of my family. In each case I followed Jesus’ example of KNOWING God’s word on the matter, BELIEVING it, and SPEAKING IT FORTH (described in Part II). I must also share more of what the Lord has taken me through so that you have some understanding of how I have come to know His word on sickness and healing – that testimony within a testimony will be offset to the right.

Miraculous Healing Testimony: The Volleyball Player

This August, my 15-year old daughter’s Christian high school varsity volleyball team competed in a tournament in a rural town nearly two hours outside of the city. As we were about to leave our house to ride to the tournament with a friend and her daughter, my happy daughter…

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