God is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Him – Dan Mohler

The Lord Is With Us

“I see God revolutionizing our understanding of Him, and why He even sent His Son…. Most Christians say the gospel is to forgive our sins so we can go to heaven…. No, God sent His Son… so our lives can be changed…. always overcoming evil with good.” – Dan Mohler

These words are part of Dan Mohler’s response to the question, Has God revealed anything to you about the near future? on a video posted on YouTube by that name. My partial transcript of his response follows below, slightly modified for ease of reading.


God is really teaching us who He is. When you travel like I do, you see that there are very deceptive thoughts out there about God and His nature. God is teaching us who He is through the cross and through the gospel, getting some straight thinking in us, setting straight paths before us.

God, I…

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One thought on “God is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Him – Dan Mohler

  1. “That’s carrying your cross: never becoming a product of life, but becoming a product of the Life that’s inside of you. That’s carrying your cross.” See how this fits with the last three posts, Resting in Christ Parts I-III? Praise God for His ways, how He works through the members of this blessed Body of Christ! Love you all! Stand firm in the knowledge of who we are in Christ, okay?!


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