A New Look for “The Lord Is With Us”

Hello everyone! “The Lord Is With Us” has a new format (“theme” in WordPress terminology). This is mainly so as to improve accessibility to the many different articles. I’ve added some search features as well. Take it out for a leisurely test drive, and please let me know how it works for you. Thanks!  🙂

(When I have many spare hours I hope to assign an appropriate category to every article, replacing the word “menu” that presently sits above every blog title. Then again, maybe I’ll put up the family’s Christmas tree first…)

2 thoughts on “A New Look for “The Lord Is With Us”

  1. Your new theme looks great Deanna 🙂
    I know full-well the challenges of trying to find the right fit, from the sea of themes.
    I quite liked the slide-out feature on your last theme (that was unique!)
    But perhaps this will suit even better your goals and aims for your site work.
    Welcome to the blogging/web-site world. Looks like your off to a raving start.
    And once again, I’m personally grateful for your Dan Mohler note coverage, and also for your web presence.
    Blessings and grace in His beautiful name ~ the Name of Jesus,
    Naomi / Toronto

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    1. Thank you, Naomi; I’m so grateful He’s called me to this – such a blessing for me to meet and fellowship with you all! This theme has the slide-out menu also in the same location (is that what you are referring to?); I just kept the longer writings and prophetic words there, and moved all the rest for easier access. Blessings to you dear sister in Christ Jesus!


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