Pastor Healed As He Is Preaching

Please take 5 minutes to listen or watch the Lord healing as this man preached Psalm 103 in faith.

You Are Healed! Ministries

preacherWatch and listen as a pastor named Duane Miller is instantly healed after 3 years of a throat problem and flu virus that damaged the nerve tissue on his vocal chords as he preaches on Psalm 103.  Even though he is preaching in error that Isaiah 53 does not pertain to healing, just confirming Psalm 103 was enough to get the job done.  

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6 thoughts on “Pastor Healed As He Is Preaching

  1. On April 10th I was in the car accident or my body was injured in the way that I still felt unbearable pain last week. I went to the park to do stretches and to see if I could get rid of back pain, there was another boy there who got injured as I was praying for him I felt complete healing over my body. Teuly, whoever believes in Him, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.

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  2. God is always good! When I was a young Christian, about 23 and saved for only a year or so, I came down with a horrible toothache. I was at the sink one morning in excruciating pain with the water running, taking small sips of water and spitting it out when it hurt me. I started praying. I don’t remember my exact prayer, but it was something along the lines of “God your Word says that if.I have faith the size of a mustard seed that I can move mountains. Father I’m not asking that a mountain be moved, I just want you to take this pain away from me.” I immediately started praising him just as if he had already answered my prayer when I felt a sensation enter the top of my head, go down the right side of my face to where the tooth was, then the sensation began to rise back to the top of my head, and as it did the pain was gone! Praise God!!! That tooth went on to split and I eventually had to have it pulled, but other that the a in from the dentist pulling it that tooth never hurt again! I yell everyone that “God gave me a root canal”. In hindsight, if I had known I was in a position to get “touched” by the healer I would have rated for him to heal the tooth, but that was the most awesome “God” experince I have ever had. So great to be touched by the Master!

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    1. Thank you, brother, for sharing this testimony! Your “In hindsight” observation is one I’ve had, also in hindsight; yet God expects us to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Christ, so it’s all good, and part of our continual growth in becoming who God has made us in Christ.


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