Christ Within Us Fulfills God’s Demands of Us

The Lord Is With Us

Praise God for His Son: the glorious gospel of Christ! That by GRACE through faith in Jesus (1) our sins are forgiven and by His wounds we are healed of our dis-ease, for we are no longer separated from God by our sins. Furthermore, (2) in Christ, God has not only forgiven our sins, but has delivered us from the sin-producer: He has crucified our sinful nature and given us new life – we have been crucified and resurrected in Christ! And, even more (!), (3) in Christ we have been delivered from all the demands of the law, for Christ fulfilled and always continues to fulfill them for us – we are not under law, but under GRACE!!  (Romans 6:14).

Jesus Christ fulfills everything God demands of us!

photo: Marc Dilley photo: Marc Dilley

Christ Himself, living in His consecrated servants, fulfills everything God commands of us: not focusing on the splinter in…

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