Did You Know the “Church” You’ve Been Going to is Not the Real Church?

An excellent video worth the time…

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Listen up church folks, it’s way past time to get a true understanding once and for all, just what “church” is, and what it isn’t. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes some 20 yrs ago to the truth that the organized so-called “church” buildings we all went to, were only a weak and rather powerless counterfeit and not the ekklesia, the True Body of Christ that He, the Lord Jesus ordained.  But we had been taught from childhood, and were convinced in our minds, that because everyone else did church….and that’s the way it’s always been done,  and it had the name of Jesus on it, and the people believed in Him, and believed in the bible, etc, etc, etc, that it must be so….right? Well, that’s not exactly very “Berean like”, is it? If you stop and think about it, without jumping to a usual conclusion, what we were…

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5 thoughts on “Did You Know the “Church” You’ve Been Going to is Not the Real Church?

  1. There are many things that concern me regarding the modern church but none more than the growing popularity of the prosperity gospel. A large church can be communally excited through praise and worship and then watch on video or witness a family speak of their financial blessings, sometimes only days after making a first tithe. Of course, through God all is possible but I constantly pray for our pastoral leaders to balance these “gospel-mercials”! It would be so easy to follow the miracle blessing with a video or testimony from a family who faithfully tithed for years and still can’t afford to miss a pay check. The money message within the church is so deceptive for new believers or those spiritually seeking. Thank you!


    1. Hi brother! I understand your point about unscriptural prosperity gospel preaching and agree it is an abomination. On the other hand, however, regarding “the families that tithe and still can’t miss a paycheck,” I gently remind us that if our experience does not line up with the word of God, the issue is NOT with God, but with the earthen conduits. Jesus tells us in Matt. 6:24-33 that we cannot serve both God and money, that we should not worry for He will provide for us. Note that God provided for Jesus and His disciples via support from women of means (Luke 8:1-3) as well as by miraculous provision (e.g. the feeding of the five and four thousand). VERY few Christians today apprehend this and walk it out by faith. Well, having followed His call to quit practicing the highly esteemed and lucrative practice of medicine without what Western doctors consider sufficient retirement funds, I can assure you from my experience that God DOES provide for us when we trust Him as our Jehovah Jireh. I pray that He shake all that can be shaken so that we, His Church, really apprehend this and KNOW IT EXPERIENTIALLY!!


  2. Thanks for sharing this Sister! I dropped my comment on the original post. I was quite surprised and relieved to see that others can see through the smoke and there are other Christians following the example of the Early Believers today. So much of what was said resonated with a lot of my writings… It gives me hope 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

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