How Awesome is God!!!

We interrupt this series with a great word from another site: just what the Doctor (Jesus, not me!) ordered! Enjoy this JOY from the Lord via another member of this blessed Body of Christ!

Gods Light Christian Counseling

From time to time God blesses me with moments where I get to see just a little glimpse at just how absolutely AWESOME He is.

How does He do this?  Well God gives me these moments that I have termed, “I am absolutely nothing and You God are more than everything” moments.

Let me share one I had just this evening.  Turns out my brand new riding lawn mower decided to take a little vacation and it first refused to start and then when it did start it blew huge puffs of white smoke out the side of it.  Now I freely admit that I barely know which end of a hammer to use so fixing anything like this is well beyond my means.

So as I am sitting on my riding lawn mower, letting the thoughts of how much this was going to cost me consume my mind and…

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