Dan Mohler Ministering the Word – Excerpts

These excerpts from four videos of Dan Mohler contain many words of wisdom which I review periodically. Let me know if they minister to you also…

The Lord Is With Us

As I shared last time, I have just learned that Dan Mohler is one who preaches the gospel with great clarity of understanding and a refreshing purity of heart – he is so transparent! I like to transcribe key points of such messages so that I can meditate over them during my alone time with the Lord. For those of you who prefer to read excerpts instead of watching all the videos, I share my compilation of excerpts from four videos posted on YouTube of Dan Mohler ministering the word: Normal Christianity Parts 1, 2, and 3, and The Normal Christian Life. The excerpts are compiled into a semblance of order. Many are direct quotes, and some are slightly modified for easy readability. Be blessed!

Dan Mohler Ministering the Word – Excerpts From “Normal Christianity Parts 1, 2, and 3” and “The Normal Christian Life”

photo: Gregory Massal photo: Gregory Massal

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