Excerpts from “Dan Mohler Normal Christianity Part 3 of 3” Video

The Lord Is With Us

The Lord brought me a great blessing through a saint named Dan Mohler, and now I must share the transformational blessing with you! The Holy Spirit led me to watch a series of three videos over the past two days; posted on YouTube, they are of Dan Mohler preaching on Normal Christianity.I was unfamiliar with this man of God until yesterday – obviously overflowing with the Holy Spirit, this brother preaches the gospel with a refreshing purity of heart and clear understanding. The following are my personal notes/excerpts from Part 3 of 3; they are partial transcripts, substantially modified for easy readability. I share them here for those of you who prefer to read such excerpts instead of spending an hour watching the video (see link above). Be blessed!

photo: Henrik Lundh III photo: Henrik Lundh III

Dan Mohler – Normal Christianity Part 3 of 3

It’s not the reprimand of God that changes your life; it’s…

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2 thoughts on “Excerpts from “Dan Mohler Normal Christianity Part 3 of 3” Video

  1. Go to JesusGarage.com Dan has gone there for the last eight or nine years. There are MP3 of sermons. I was able to attend in January 2016. David Dyess

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