The New True Self Must Increase, the Outer Man Must Decrease

The Lord Is With Us

To be perfect as God is perfect, Christ already in us must progressively increase (He certainly needs no improvement!), and our already-crucified sinful nature must progressively decrease (it certainly cannot be improved). God would not have crucified His Son and us all with Him if we descendants of Adam could have been improved!

Just as Jesus became perfect by repeatedly driving the devil out of his human soul by speaking forth the word and living it (see Hebrews 5:8-9; Luke 4:1-13, also Part II), our sanctification progresses as we repeatedly drive the devil out of our souls by confessing these truths aloud and living them.

This is an excerpt from The Joint Enterprise of Grace and Faith: Making the Word Become Manifest – Part III. Since many others have started following The Lord Is With Us, He has put on my heart the need to emphasize this truth:

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