Part II – When Jesus First Made the Word Become Manifest

The Lord Is With Us

This morning a dear brother asked me an excellent question in his comment on the last post regarding how we speak forth God’s word. His understanding of the main points of the post were spot on, and his question is essentially one I myself have asked other saints. Paraphrased, the point is this: I know in my spirit that what you’ve just expressed is truth, but I need personal testimonies from those who have gone before in order to see what “speaking forth the word of the Spirit” looks like – concrete examples of spiritual truths becoming physical realities in the lives of other saints will help, and are hereby requested. 

Well, wouldn’t you know, although the Lord has already brought me considerable experiential knowledge via sufferings/ trials of sanctification (which render me more conformable to His truth about me), He had been at work in me the day before, ensuring that I would…

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