Overcoming Self in Christ

God bless you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ! For those of you who have recently discovered The Lord Is With Us, here is the first Word of Encouragement the Lord led me to write…

The Lord Is With Us

Jesus Christ modeled the true Christian life for us two thousand years ago, and the great I AM personally empowers Christians to live it now, moment by moment, via the indwelling Holy Spirit deep within.

The only power on earth or in heaven which can stop a Christian from being perfect as God is perfect is his own natural/fallen self, his outer man – no person or circumstance can effectually stop him except himself by way of his own will. Christ overcame Satan, and neither he nor any other demon can stop a Christian of themselves – the Christian must open the door to demonic influences and allow them access by sinning. Obviously, if no supernatural beings can stop a Christian without the Christian giving them access, then no natural person can stop a Christian from being perfect as God is perfect either.

Yes, it is God’s design that the…

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