Dan Mohler on Healing – Powerful!

The Lord Is With Us

“We have a victory in Christ that we’re contending for and appropriating because His word is true… we’re in a covenant relationship with God… I can’t get a man out of a coma, but the Spirit of God can! Guess where He is? In me!

With words such as this, Dan Mohler delivers the most powerful message on healing that I have ever seen in a video; I found it posted on YouTube, entitled “Healing the Bible Way – Dan Mohler.” Brothers and sisters, this message will cause you to see and understand things you haven’t seen or understood before about healing by faith in the power of Jesus Christ! It includes Dan’s amazing testimony of how he not only dealt (by grace through faith!) with being informed his wife was in a coma, but how he briefly spoke truth to her and the Lord healed her. (I inserted a photo to…

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3 thoughts on “Dan Mohler on Healing – Powerful!

  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I’m convicted. It’s so right that we use our circumstances to create false doctrines. We also let the conniving deceivers lead us to doubt genuine ministers of God. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. So glad you watched/read and that you respond this way. Christ is not limited, of course, but we limit His expression in and through us with subtle unbelief and fear. Oh, how He offers to take us out of our comfort zones day after day, but we complain that His prophets are “messengers of Satan.” I pray that we recognize His sovereign hand and receive the messengers, the grace…

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