Jubilant Militant Army of God

Members of the Body of Christ, may our spirits come to attention! The risen Savior speaks, breathing His breath of Life into our mortal bodies. Hear and apprehend the word of the Lord in the power of His Spirit:

Go forth, mighty armies of God! I call you to rise! Rise from your grave to conquer. Mobilize, My people! I have made and called you for this purpose!

Rejoice and go forth in the Name of your God to overcome the oppressor! Trample the great lion and the serpent, I say! In the Name of the Lord, go forth and raise up the mighty Name of Christ!

Body of Christ, My bride, arise to your destiny: shine, shine, shine with the radiance of My Son! Go forth from the grave and free the captives from bondage to despair.

Worship Me and arise! Arise to your destiny! The hour has come and is upon you – the time of salvation and the day of vengeance of our God.

I equip those I call, so do not worry, do not be anxious about anything: your Maker is in control. Christ reigns eternal – hallelujah! Dance! Sing! I saw Satan fall like lightning to the earth from the sky. All the demons disperse in My midst.

Jubilant militant army of God, mobilize to destroy the works of the enemy! We have overcome! In Christ ALL things are possible – now BELIEVE and cast the mountain into the sea! I AM the Lord. It is time. I do this swiftly.

photo: Louie Psihoyos/Science Faction/Corbis
photo: Louie Psihoyos/Science Faction/Corbis

Releasing forth and proclaiming His omnipotent word, your sister deanna

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