Our Exalted Position

by Deanna Reynolds M.D. (ret.) ~ Corpus Christi, Texas ~  May-August, 2016

This series addresses “the mystery” revealed in the NT of our blessed corporate identity as the Christ. God wants us to know His astounding purposes for us in the end-times, that we may endure patiently, overcome, and receive our inheritance as co-heirs with Christ. Since writing this series, the Lord has graciously given me important further understanding which supersedes some things written in Parts 5 onwards about the resurrection and rapture of His saints; please be sure to read Resurrection, Rapture, Judgment of Christ’s Saints, and the Millennium – Overview and Scriptures for Self-Study. The time is short: our Bridegroom is about to seize His Bride; are you one of His overcomers?

Links to Contents:

Our Exalted Position – Introduction

Part 1: Three Distinct Groups of People

Part 2: Made Perfect in Christ

Part 3: The Surpassing Glory

Part 4: The Bride of Christ

Part 5: The Overcomers

Part 6: The Thrones and the Court

Part 7: Sequence of Some End-Time Events, Imminency, and Jesus’ Olivet Discourse

Part 8: The Doors, the Trumpet, and the Transformation

Part 9: The TwentyFour Elders on the Thrones

Part 10: The Male Child Caught Up to God and to His Throne

Part 11: Displacing the Devil from the Heavenly Realms – Operation Footstool