Part 7: Sequence of Some End-Time Events, Imminency, and Jesus’ Olivet Discourse

May our Heavenly Father bless us corporately and individually as we continue making time to press into His word on His purposes for us in the heavenly realms in Christ. Amen. And here is the key part 7…

The Lord Is With Us

Before we start exploring God’s symbolic references to the Church outside of chapters 2 and 3 of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, we will integrate key elements studied so far of the end-time Scriptures, attempting to tie up any loose ends. We will also address Jesus’s Olivet discourse on the end-times. I welcome your heart-felt questions, but please first take the time to genuinely study all parts written to date and to look over the charts on the two websites referenced herein while seeking the Holy Spirit with whom we are anointed to learn all truth (1 John 2:27). Thank you!

May God grant us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in order to better know Him and His end-time purposes for us as we set ourselves away from distractions, quiet our souls, and press into Him with everything that we have. Amen.

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Sequence of some end-time events


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