Part 4: The Bride of Christ

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ! Here is Part 4 of Our Exalted Position for those of you who did not read it in May, or for those who desire to review it now. God bless you! deanna

The Lord Is With Us

One of the most beautiful NT metaphors which God uses for His Church is that we are Christ’s Bride. Just as the Church is hidden in the OT and barely mentioned in the gospels, Messiah’s Bride is only hinted at in the OT: God discretely discloses He will have a royal bride in Psalm 45:9-14, and, perhaps even more discretely, in the exquisite fourth chapter of Song of Songs as well.

Notably, both the OT and NT reveal that Israel is not His Bride. Israel forsook God via her rampant idolatry (e.g. Jer. 2:3231:32); He calls her aharlot with many lovers (Jer. 3:1b), and an adulteress (Eze. 16:32; Hos. 3:1). The Gentiles, of course, are idolatrous, never having entered into covenant with God. It is only by grace through faith in Christ that both Jews and Gentiles are delivered from our idolatrous Adamic nature by being made

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4 thoughts on “Part 4: The Bride of Christ

  1. Wow gives this a whole new meaning! Thank you for explaining the Jewish Wedding tradition and how it makes this scripture so clear. I thank God for the wisdom He has given you to share with everyone on here and we then pass on to others! I sing like a Bride waiting for her Groom, we will be the Church waiting for you-yes Jesus! God showed me a couple of people I need to forgive and pray for. We are ONE body and I pray for unity in the church! Amen!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to share all this, sis! Praising God with you for showing us many bits and pieces via numerous members of the Body and then enabling us to share it with others. Your love for Jesus and prayers and encouragement are such a blessing!

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  2. As iron sharpens iron we got each others back! God definitely has sent more than one to encourage me and little nuggets and reminders yesterday and today that He is right here with me, I’m doing what He wants me to do and although it may not make a ton of sense to me it’s what He wants. He’s also prompted people I worked with to share how I impacted their lives by sharing Christ and what He has done for me. It’s flooded my phone and been so encouraging and I know it’s all from Him. Confirmation that I stood firm for Him and He is taking care of us. What an amazing God we serve that is in love with us and provides us with such freedom. I’m excited to see what He wants to do next! 🙂 have a great evening!


    1. Thanks for the follow-up! Praise God for so sending so many encouragements!!
      Standing firm in Christ is what it all boils down to (“above all, to stand”), and He gives us the grace to do it, though we ourselves would faint and/or fall.

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