Part 1: Three Distinct Groups of People

And so here is Part 1 for those who missed it, and to refresh memories for the rest of you… God bless you!

The Lord Is With Us

The Bible describes three distinct groups of people with whom God relates differently: the Gentiles (not in covenant with God), the Jews (in covenant with God), and the Church (under God’s new covenant of grace through Jesus Christ). First Corinthians 10:32 names the three groups in a single verse, and chapters 9-11 of the Epistle to the Romans describe them rather succinctly in a single book, but of course it takes the Bible as a whole to demonstrate it fully.

Sound interpretation of the Scriptures requires that we recognize whom the Holy Spirit is addressing therein; much confusion, especially regarding end-time prophecy, stems from failure to do so.

May the Lord grant us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in order to know Him and our exalted position in Christ better as we consider His three distinct peoples herein. Amen.

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A brief temporal account of the three…

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9 thoughts on “Part 1: Three Distinct Groups of People

  1. Wow makes total sense, just shared with my Husband. Thank God I once WAS a gentile but now am under the grace of the new covenant of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord! I learn so much from your post that grows and pushes me further along this journey. Thank you for your obedience and helping me mature in the Lord.

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    1. Well sister, amen (I also was a Gentile not too long ago and now am with you in Christ our very LIFE!), and thank you and God through you for humbling me! “Not that we are competent of ourselves, but our competence comes from God.” I am in awe at the divine functioning of this blessed Body of Christ… (AND He called me to live in the Latin name for us, Corpus Christi!)

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      1. I just sent this introduction and series to my Husband, my Mom, her Husband, and my Sister. God told me to so I did and I pray they will read and let God reveal truth and open their eyes even further like He is mine. Thank you Father!

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